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Scholarships abroad - Research Internship - Scientific Initiation

Among the scholarship modalities available abroad, FAPESP grants the Research Internship Abroad (BEPE). It aims to sponsor research scholarships in short and medium-term research internships in Research Institutions Abroad. The research internship abroad is necessarily part of regular FAPESP Scholarships in Brazil.

This page of Research Supported by FAPESP assembles referential information on Research Internship Abroad Scholarships (BEPE) - Scientific Initiation.

The box "FAPESP Support in Numbers" shows all granted Research Internship Abroad Scholarships - BEPE - Scientific Initiation, in progress or completed.

Use the "Refine Results" list of options to filter information on scholarships to obtain specific results for your search on BEPE Scholarships - Scientific Initiation.

Maps and Graphs available below show resources to visualize the geographical distribution of FAPESP BEPE Scholarships - Scientific Initiation in the State of São Paulo and other complementary information.

For information on applying for a Research Internship Scholarship (BEPE) - Scientific Initiation, or other research internship scholarships abroad, see the FAPESP Portal.

In order to retrieve referential information and results on FAPESP Research Internship Scholarships (BEPE), use the following options:

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