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Diversity of Anuran Amphibians from São Paulo State

Grant number: 01/13341-3
Support type:BIOTA-FAPESP Program - Thematic Grants
Duration: May 01, 2003 - July 31, 2008
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Zoology
Principal Investigator:Célio Fernando Baptista Haddad
Grantee:Célio Fernando Baptista Haddad
Home Institution: Instituto de Biociências (IB). Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). Campus de Rio Claro. Rio Claro , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Sanae Kasahara
Associated grant(s):09/06781-9 - 46th Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society, AR.BR
05/55050-6 - Kelly Raquel Zamudio | Cornell University - Estados Unidos, AV.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):06/54308-2 - Structure and ecomorphology of taxocenosisof tadpoles in the Atlantic Rainforest, BP.MS
06/55482-6 - Comparative study of the taxocenosis of anurans in three municipalities of the São Paulo Lagamar (lagoon stretches), BP.DR
06/56193-8 - Mechanisms of chromosomic variation in the Leptodactylus genus and in species of families related to the Leptodactylidae (Amphibia, Anura), BP.DR
+ associated scholarships 06/56932-5 - Cytogenetics of representatives of the Microhylidae family (Amphibia, Anura), with identification of species-specific cytological markers, BP.IC
04/12223-5 - The importance of forest fragments in the richness and diversity of amphibian anurans in Icem, northwest region of the State of São Paulo, BP.MS
04/12224-1 - Environmental heterogeneity: what is its role in the regulation of the wealth and diversity of species of amphibian anurans in open area?, BP.MS
04/10974-3 - Taxonomic description, natural history and populational ecology of a new species of hypsiboas in the Serra of Paranapiacaba, south of the State of São Paulo (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae), BP.MS
04/13037-0 - Excavation behavior and functional morphology in three species of neotropical Microhylinae (Anura, Microhylidae), BP.IC
04/12577-1 - Cytogenetics of amphibian anurans of the Brazilian fauna, with techniques of differential coloration, BP.IC
03/12396-4 - Systematic taxonomy and evolution of Brachycephalus (Amphibia: Anura: Brachycephalidae), BP.PD
04/00709-0 - Genetic and phenotypic variability of two species of open area netropical anurans, BP.PD
03/06014-1 - Diversity and biogeography of amphibians in islands of the State of São Paulo, BP.PD
03/11049-9 - Ecological similarity in communities of anuran tadpoles: the role of historical (phylogenetic) and contemporary (ecological) components, BP.MS
02/11389-1 - Biodiversity and use of habitat of the anurofauna in Santa Fé do Sul, North-west region of the State of São Paulo, BP.MS
02/11388-5 - Biodiversity, spatial distribution and seasonal occurrence of tadpoles and adult anurans in Nova Itapirema, north-east region of the State of São Paulo, BP.MS - associated scholarships


The central aim of this project is to produce an inventory of the anuran species that occur in São Paulo State, Brazil. As a consequence of the inventory we expect to reach the following aims: (1) to collect specimens of different species from São Paulo State, as a way to improve scientific collections; (2) the resolution of taxonomic problems as a way to evaluate more precisely the real diversity of anuran species in São Paulo State; (3) to tape record the vocalizations of anurans to expand the anuran vocalization collection, as a way to assist species identifications and resolution of taxonomic problems; (4) to study the life cyc1es of the species; (5) to evaluate the conservation of the ecosystems in São Paulo State based on the conservation of the anuran populations; (6) to identify isolated species/populations threatened by extinction. We intend to publish the results of this project in scientific periodicals, as well as to use our results for the education. (AU)

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