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Lamb meat quality: zootechnical, physical-chemical, sensory and marketing aspects


The aim of current Project of Support Research- Visitor Researcher, summited to FAPESP, is to make possible the visit of researcher Dra. Begoña Panea Doblado, from Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria (Aragón, Spain), to elapse a period of four month and a half (January- end of May 2019) at the Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering of the University of São Paulo (FZEA/USP, Pirassununga - SP). The visitor researcher have a great experience in the field of meat and meat products technology, having coordinated more than 12 projects in the last years, participated as researcher in other 59 and published 62 papers in several relevant scientific journals. During the stay period, she will contribute with an ongoing project, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Trindade, who is also presenting current application. This cited project, entitled Lamb meat toughness: correlations among physical, chemical and sensory methods, is funded by agency CNPq (Edital Universal) with identification number 431558/2016-7 and have validity from August /2017 to July/2020. The activities to be accomplished by the visitor researcher will consist in to collect samples from the different toughness levels, to carry out physiochemical analyses of these samples and to coach the sensory trained panel. Besides the inherent activities to the mentioned project, Dra. Begoña Panea will realize an additional research, no proposed initially in the project, using her experience in research with consumers in on-line platforms. Moreover invited researcher will visit other institutions of the state of São Paulo where there are research groups in the area of meat and meat products technology. The researcher will collaborate with the Graduate Program of Food Engineering of FZEA / USP providing lectures and short- courses and participating at the dissertation/thesis defences and/or evaluation of other master/doctoral works. Her collaboration will be extended to other FZEA graduate programs and subsequently both students and professors can benefit from Dra. Begoña Panea visit to discuss about possible research collaborations and/or research stays at Spain. (AU)