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Novel chemical catalytic and photocatalytic processes for the direct conversion of methane and CO2 to products

Grant number: 18/01258-5
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: November 01, 2018 - October 31, 2023
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Chemical Engineering - Chemical Process Industries
Principal Investigator:José Maria Correa Bueno
Grantee:José Maria Correa Bueno
Home Institution: Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET). Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). São Carlos , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Cauê Ribeiro de Oliveira ; Dalmo Mandelli ; Daniela Zanchet ; Leandro Martins
Assoc. researchers:Adriana Paula Ferreira Palhares ; Alejandro López Castillo ; Alice Medeiros de Lima ; Cristiane Sanchez Farinas ; Diogo Paschoalini Volanti ; Elaine Cristina Paris ; Ernesto Antonio Urquieta Gonzalez ; Felipe Fernando Furlan ; Janaina Fernandes Gomes ; Jean Marcel Ribeiro Gallo ; Joao Batista Oliveira dos Santos ; José Manoel Marconcini ; Jose Mansur Assaf ; Luiz Henrique Capparelli Mattoso ; Maria Alice Martins ; Patrícia Moreira Lima ; Priscila Destro ; Waldir Avansi Junior
Associated grant(s):19/12486-1 - Multi-User Equipment approved in grant 2018/01258-5: gas chromatograph, AP.EMU
19/03226-6 - Use of computational methods to understand the activation of methane and CO2 on the surface of copper-based catalysts: visit by Prof. David Willock for lecture, course, scientific meeting and estabilishing collaboration, AV.EXT
19/00848-6 - Biorefineries and new pathways for the development of sustainable catalytic processes, AV.EXT
+ associated grants 19/11507-5 - Multi-user equipament approved in grant 2018/01258-5: gas cromatograph, AP.EMU
19/09219-1 - Multi-User Equipment approved in grant 2018/01258-5: high pressure system, AP.EMU
19/06436-1 - Multi-User Equipment approved in grant 2018/01258-5: thermobalance, AP.EMU - associated grants
Associated scholarship(s):20/09628-6 - Development of heterostructured semiconducting nanoparticles for methane conversion by photocatalytic process, BP.PD
20/00691-7 - From single atom to supported nanoparticles catalysts: the use of metal complexes to produce a new class of catalysts for methane and CO2 conversion, BP.PD
19/21496-0 - Photoelectrochemical system design for CO2 and CH4 conversion to valuable products, BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 20/05233-7 - Advanced composites based on semiconductor metal oxide and carbon structures for volatile organic compounds sensing, BP.DD
20/04021-6 - New catalytic and photocatalytic processes for the direct conversion of methane and CO2 into products, BP.TT
19/23205-3 - Theoretical study of the complex kinetics of catalytic processes, BP.DR
19/27018-3 - Pore engineering of zeolites as a strategy to improve the performance and minimize deactivation by coke in methanol reactions, BP.DD
19/27334-2 - Novel chemical catalytic processes for the direct conversion of methane and CO2 to products, BP.TT
19/17719-4 - Hybrid metal oxide cluster@MOF catalysts: design, synthesis by atomic layer deposition, and catalytic methane oxidation, BP.DD
19/12345-9 - ZnO sensors modified with Mn3O4 or In2O3 obtained by combining the ultrasonic spray and hydrothermal microwave assisted methods, BP.MS
19/11058-6 - Gas sensors based on carbon composites from the catalytic decomposition reaction of methane, BP.PD
19/10689-2 - Preparation of reaction systems for photocatalytic methane-to-methanol selective oxidation, BP.DD
19/12201-7 - Selected zeolite structures as supports for transition metal oxides for selective conversion of methane into value added chemicals, BP.PD
19/13170-8 - New Multifunctional Metal-Organic Framework Catalysts for Mild Oxidation of Methane to Methanol, BP.PD
19/06836-0 - Colloidal synthesis of AU alloys and performance in catalytic oxidation of CH4, BP.IC
19/09078-9 - Study of catalysts derived from chabazite for application in reactions of Hydrogenation of CO2 to products, BP.IC
19/11800-4 - Synthesis of Ni catalysts from organometallic complexes for methane bireforming reaction, BP.DD
19/06427-2 - Novel chemical catalytic processes for the direct conversion of methane to products, BP.TT
18/26459-3 - Zeolites exchanged with CuxOy single sites for the methane partial oxidation to methanol: the effect of zeolite structure and other metal oxides in the single site activity, BP.DD
19/02642-6 - Synthesis of nanostructured oxide supports using colloidal methods, BP.IC
16/21515-7 - Development of magnesium oxide with zinc and titanium heterostructure for application in artificial photosynthesis processes, BP.PD
15/12304-0 - Evaluation of the photocatalytic activity of g-C3N4/Nb2O5 heterojunctions in the abatement of pollutants in gas phase, BP.PD - associated scholarships


In 20 years we are expected to reach the Natural Gas Golden Age, when methane will play a leading role as primary industrial feedstock. Hence, this proposal aims to develop fundamental and applied knowledge for the catalytic conversion of CH4 by oxidative routes, as well as the utilization of CO2 a greenhouse gas present in natural gas (and also by product of methane reforming). It is proposed a coordinated and integrated between groups acting in various Research Line (RL): the group of chemical catalysis (RL-1) and photocatalysis (RL-2) aiming to address the significant challenges in the CH4 partial oxidation to methanol. RL-1 involves design, preparation and characterization of Cu and Fe-based structured catalysts, construction of reactors, and catalytic tests. In RL-1, the promising catalysts will be described with DFT calculations for modeling of catalysts active sites and interaction of reactants. The RL-2 will develop photocatalysts based on TiO2, g-C3N4, ZnO, BiVO4, and BiWO3. The catalytic activity will be studies seeking the development of experimental setups to analyze the controlling ability of these oxidation reactions in laboratory and pilot scales. Alternatively, to methanol, in RL-3, methane will be used as a feedstock to the production of carbon-based materials, which will be modified aiming to achieve adequate properties for applications. As it regards to the CO2 utilization, RL-4 will be studying the methane bi-reforming of a mixture of CH4 and CO2 into syngas (CO + H2). The RL-5 will focus on the hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol. Techno-economic analysis and environmental assessment will also be applied in the studies of RL-1, RL-4 and RL-5. (AU)

Articles published in other media outlets (1 total):
Datagro: Embrapa e universidades discutem “fotossíntese artificial” para a conversão de gases de efeito estufa (20/Oct/2020)

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