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Nuclear reactions with weakly-bound or cluster-structured radioactive and stable nuclei

Grant number: 19/07767-1
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: October 01, 2019 - September 30, 2024
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Physics - Nuclear Physics
Principal researcher:Alinka Lépine
Grantee:Alinka Lépine
Home Institution: Instituto de Física (IF). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Leandro Romero Gasques ; Luiz Carlos Chamon ; Rubens Lichtenthäler Filho
Assoc. researchers:Jose Roberto Brandão de Oliveira ; Juan Antonio Alcántara Núñez ; Kelly Cristina Cezaretto Pires ; Marcilei Aparecida Guazzelli ; Marlete Pereira Meira de Assuncao ; Nilberto Heder Medina ; Renato Higa ; Thereza Borello-Lewin ; Tobias Frederico ; Valdir Guimarães
Associated scholarship(s):22/09060-5 - A complete study of the main channels for reactions involving weakly bound nuclei, BP.DD
22/02832-2 - Assembling a new telescope array for the identification of the breakup fragments of reactions involving weakly-bound nuclei, BP.IC
21/11425-9 - Study of the 10,11B+124Sn reaction at energies around the coulomb barrier, BP.DD
+ associated scholarships 21/12254-3 - Exclusives measurements of nuclear reactions with weakly bound stable and radioactive ion beams, BP.PD
21/07397-0 - Incidence position determination of alfa particles on phoswich plastic scintillator detectors coupled to pixelated Silicon photomultipliers based on a image model, BP.IC
21/06043-0 - Lifetimes of 50Cr excited states, BP.IC
21/04761-2 - A complete study of the main reaction channels for the 6,7Li 196Pt systems, BP.DD
19/05769-7 - Implantation of a new acquisition system for exclusive measurements of nuclear physics with weakly bound nuclei, BP.PD - associated scholarships


The binding energy divided by the atomic mass number for strongly-bound, "normal" nuclei is around 7,5 MeV/nucleon. The energies needed to break up the named weakly-bound nuclei are well below this value. Due to this property, reactions involving weakly-bound nuclei are much more complex and interesting: the breakup channel in the continuum affects all other reaction channels and gives supplementary information on the properties of these systems. Another aspect of these nuclei is their cluster structure, which continues to be an experimental and theoretical challenge in nuclear physics.The goal of this project is the study of nuclear reactions using weakly-bound, clustered projectiles, radioactive or stable. This line of research is commonplace to several scientists working on fundamental nuclear physics at the Open Laboratory of Nuclear Physics (LAFN), that is equipped with the 8MV Pelletron Tandem Accelerator and the RIBRAS (Radioactive Ion Beams in Brazil) facility. RIBRAS is operational since 2004, and delivers light radioactive ion beams produced by transfer reactions such as 6He, 8Li, 7Be, 10Be, 12B, and 8B, which are separated and refocused by two superconducting solenoids. In this project we describe experiments that we will work on, where the cluster structure is clearly manifested and will be probed by complementary methods. We plan the detection in coincidence of two charged clusters emerging from the breakup, or coincidence between charged clusters and emitted ³-rays that opens up the possibility to study excited cores, a subject with plenty of theoretical interest. We already have some large area, strip detector telescopes for charged particle detection. and modern ³-ray scintillator detectors (LYSO type) with silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). However, in order to realize experimental measurements in coincidence (which normally present low counting rates) with good statistics, we need more detectors coupled to modern electronics to work efficiently. (AU)

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