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Bio-photo-electrochemical hybrid cells for solar energy conversion


A modern and innovative concept concerning the energy conversion from solar sources is the use of a hybrid bio-photo-electrochemical cell, where biomolecules and/or microorganisms works cooperatively in the faradaic processes. In this system, there is the integration of the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy through photoelectrochemical cells and of chemical energy into electric energy through biofuel cell. The generated energy is cleaned and the byproduct of the reactions on the electrodes are H2O and O2 (or value-added by-products), which re-participate in the power generation cycle. In this project, two consolidated research's Groups with important contributions in the area of Photoelectrochemistry and Bioelectrochemistry will develop a collaborative project to integrate solar energy conversion. The strategy used will be to develop photosensitive and bioelectroactive electrodes in order to integrate them into a hybrid cell (bio-photo-reactor). The USP team will develop the bioelectrodes, while the semiconductor electrodes will be obtained from the UFRGS team. When the half-cell studies are in an advantage stage for device testing, there will be the exchange of researchers from the two States (RS and SP) for the implementation of the hybrid cell. In addition to the fundamental studies, a prospect of technology transfer to the productive sector will be concomitantly evaluated, through prospective startups who will collaborate with the project. In addition to the groups involved in advancing state-of-the-art in bio-photo-electrochemistry and in the generation of know-how in the production of devices, it is intended to contribute to the strengthening of collaborative research in the area of energy between SP and RS. (AU)

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