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Sensory losses caused by mercury intoxication: psychophysical and neurophysiological studies in patients and in animal models


The great development of the study of the visual system reflects the scientific and technological explosion of computer science, of neuroscience and of molecular biology. The area is at the frontier of science, with methodological and conceptual contributions of the last decade, reaching rapidly the stage of translational research, in which knowledge from basic research is transferred to the clinic. The present project focuses on both research areas: basic and clinical. Vision is one of the most important functions for life. It mediates contact with the outer world for interaction with co-specifics, foraging, reproduction, defense, attack, etc. Visual losses affect the capacity to perform these activities and can be revealing of other functionallosses such as memory, attention, visuo-motor coordination. These losses are caused by genetic factors (retinosis pigmentar, Stargardt's disease, cone degeneration), by diverse pathologies (diabetes, glaucoma, hipertension), by the toxic effect of drugs (chloroquine, vigabactrin, Viagra, and many others), or by environmental contaminants (mercury, zink, agrotoxics, solvents, etc). For evaluation of vision there are new psychophysical and non-invasive electrophysiological methods, made available by recent computer advances, which have refined the display of visual stimuli, experimental programming, on-line analysis, etc. To investigate the mechanisms responsible for the losses, which are mostly unknown, it is necessary to use animal models, in which access to the retina and higher centres is possible. (AU)

Scientific publications (17)
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