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Two-dimensional Rare Earth Free Magnets for Spintronic Applications


The proposal of this project is about the development of a research program that aims at the production and characterization of two-dimensional (2D) magnets free of rare earths and with potential for applications in spintronic devices.The magnets will be produced in their massive form, studied and delineated from the base compound C3N4, cabono nitride, a lamellar material comparable to the graphene family. In addition to being scientifically and technologically interesting, since the reduction in the dimensionality of these systems opens interesting opportunities for applications, in addition to the fact that the cost of producing these materials is very low and allows to explore different variations in their synthesis processes.The proposal benefits both institutions and researchers involved. The study of the magnetic properties and synthesis of C3N4 based materials are research topics of Prof. Dr. Adilson J. A. de Oliveira with the Physics Department of the Federal University of São Carlos, principal researcher for the CEPID / FAPESP project at the Center for the Development of Functional Materials - CDMF (process 2013 / 07296-2). Prof. Dr. José Varalda is a specialist in material preparation, magnetoelectric characterization and computational calculation in helping to understand the physical phenomena involved is fundamental and will benefit everyone involved in the project. In addition, the researchers have collaborated for a long time, having jointly published 22 papers (AU)