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Center for Research on Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate Change

Grant number: 21/10639-5
Support Opportunities:Research Grants - Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers - RIDC
Duration: May 01, 2023 - April 30, 2028
Field of knowledge:Biological Sciences - Ecology - Ecosystems Ecology
Principal Investigator:Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato
Grantee:Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato
Host Institution: Instituto de Biociências (IB). Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). Campus de Rio Claro. Rio Claro , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
( Atuais )
Célio Fernando Baptista Haddad ; Clarisse Palma da Silva ; Leonardo Fernandes Fraceto ; Mauricio Bacci Junior ; Mauro Galetti Rodrigues ; Vitor Fernandes Oliveira de Miranda
Pesquisadores principais:
( Anteriores )
Milton Cezar Ribeiro
Associated researchers:Alessandro de Mello Varani ; Alexine Keuroghlian ; Alfredo Huete ; Aline Aguiar ; Ana Carolina Oliveira de Queiroz Carnaval ; Ana Paula de Moraes ; André Luiz Martinez de Oliveira ; André Rodrigues ; Andreia Carina Turchetto Zolet ; Andrés Eduardo Brunetti ; Antonio Leão Castilho ; Antonio Maria Garcia Tommaselli ; Bárbara Simões Santos Leal ; Bartosz Jan Plachno ; Boris Leonardo Blotto Acuña ; Bruna de Costa Alberton ; Bruno Henrique Saranholi ; Carine Emer ; Carlos Guilherme Becker ; Casey M. Ryan ; Claudette Marta Hahn ; Cláudia Pio Ferreira ; Claudio José von Zuben ; Clinton N Jenkins ; Cynthia Peralta de Almeida Prado ; Daniel Guariz Pinheiro ; Délio Pontes Baêta da Costa ; Douglas Silva Domingues ; Eduardo Mario Mendiondo ; Ellen G. Denny ; Elza Maria Guimarães Santos ; Fábio Pinheiro ; Felipe Wanderley de Amorim ; Fernando Augusto de Oliveira e Silveira ; Fernando Henrique Martin Gonçalves ; Geraldo Wilson Afonso Fernandes ; Giovanni Scopece ; Guilherme Sydow Nunes Bueno Brandão ; Guilherme Wolff Bueno ; Halley Caixeta de Oliveira ; Jens-Christian Svenning ; Jin Wu ; Juan Arroyo ; Julian Faivovich ; Kelly Raquel Zamudio ; Kyle Graham Dexter ; Laurence Marianne Vincianne Culot ; Levi Pompermayer Machado ; Lilian Patricia Sales Macedo ; Lucas Ferrante de Faria ; Lucas Ferreira do Nascimento ; Luciana Bolsoni Lourenço ; Luiz Augusto Cauz dos Santos ; Magna Soelma Beserra de Moura ; Márcio Silva Araújo ; Marco Aurelio Pizo Ferreira ; Marcos Vinicius Dantas de Queiroz ; Maria de Lourdes Bueno Trindade Galo ; Maria Gabriela Gutierrez de Camargo ; Maria Luisa da Silva Pinto Jorge ; Maria Tereza Grombone Guaratini ; Mariana Lúcio Lyra ; Marina Corrêa Côrtes ; Marta Pereira Llopart ; Mathew Williams ; Mathias Mistretta Pires ; Milene Ferro ; Milton Cezar Ribeiro ; Montserrat Arista Palmero ; Neidiquele Maria Silveira ; Newton La Scala Júnior ; Ovidiu Paun ; Pablo Forlan Vargas ; Patrícia Domingues de Freitas ; Patricia Pasquali Parise Maltempi ; Paulo Roberto Guimarães Junior ; Pedro Joaquim Bergamo ; Pedro Jordano ; Pedro Luis Ortiz Ballesteros ; Pedro Manoel Galetti Junior ; Pietro Kiyoshi Maruyama Mendonça ; Qiaoyun Xie ; Rafael Barreiro Chaves ; Renata de Lima ; Ricardo da Silva Torres ; Rodolfo Luiz Bezerra Nóbrega ; Rodrigo Ferreira Fadini ; Rosane Garcia Collevatti ; Rouverson Pereira da Silva ; Tadeu de Siqueira Barros ; Tatiana Garabini Cornelissen ; Thaise Emilio Lopes de Sousa ; Todd P. Michael ; Wesley Francisco Dáttilo da Cruz
Associated grant(s):24/03883-5 - DEFAU-BIOTA: Measuring the effects of defaunation in the Pantanal, AV.EXT
23/10110-0 - Applied biotechnology for incremental bioinnovation development and technology transfer in fish production: ecofriendly product and environmental valuation under different climatic conditions, AP.PIPE
Associated scholarship(s):24/04607-1 - Bioinformatics infrastrucutre for comparative genomics of plants and microbiomes, BP.TT
24/04847-2 - Center for Research on Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate Change, BP.JC
24/00130-6 - SEED - Solutions based on nature as a strategy for scientific communication, BP.JC
+ associated scholarships 24/00133-5 - SEED - Solutions based on nature as a strategy for scientific communication, BP.JC
24/02380-0 - Can we define leaf exchange functional groups in ever wet rainforest trees? A test using leaf temporal traits, BP.MS
24/01680-0 - Can we define leaf exchange functional groups in seasonally dry tropical forest trees? a test using leaf temporal trait, BP.MS
23/07905-0 - Development of a multicomplex nanostructured system associated with the use of RNAi to control tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV), BP.PD
24/01773-8 - "Extinctions in the Brazilian fauna: comprehending historical scenarios and future predictions to prevent biodiversity losses", BP.TT
24/01198-3 - Scientific journalism at CBIOCLIMA: Communicating research on biodiversity and climate change to society, BP.JC
23/18342-7 - Changes in the trait outcomes of tropical plants under severe defaunation., BP.MS
24/01311-4 - Uncovering phylogenetic relationships from genomic data, BP.TT
24/01806-3 - Reproductive traits and the evolution of the campo rupestre flora, BP.DR
23/13862-2 - Establishment of a bioinformatics platform for the analysis of plant and microbiome genomes and transcriptomes: assembly, annotation, databases, and Genome Browser, BP.TT
23/14102-1 - Development of analytical methodology and microbiological analysis from biodiversity aiming development of products to be used in Agriculture, BP.TT
23/12828-5 - Linking the brown and green world: The effects of large herbivores on soil properties in a tropical forest, BP.DR
22/09041-0 - Unraveling the processes and mechanisms that drive the dynamics and functioning of megadiverse forest communities, BP.PD
23/06380-1 - Synthesis, evaluation of activity and toxicity of Nanobiohybrids for seed treatment., BP.MS
23/08932-1 - Diversification and evolutionary history of horned frogs Ceratophrys aurita (Raddi, 1823), Ceratophrys cranwelli Barrio 1980, Ceratophrys joazeirensis Mercadal and Barrio, 1986 and Ceratophrys ornata (Bell, 1843) (Anura, Ceratophryidae), BP.DR
23/05740-4 - Repeatome analysis of the orchid Epidendrum denticulatum Barb. Rodr.: a comparative analysis between Atlantic Forest and Cerrado populations, BP.MS
21/12455-9 - Investigations about interespecific reproductive isolation in the Thoropa miliaris group (Amphibia: Anura: Cycloramphidae), BP.PD
20/14805-4 - Effect of altitudinal thermal gradient on the adaptive convergence of communities and local adaptation of Pitcairnia flammea Lindl, BP.PD
21/06575-1 - Reducing the Linnean and Darwinian knowledge shortfalls in a group of anurans endemic to Brazil (Leptodactylidae: Paratelmatobiinae), BP.PD
21/02414-3 - Effect of habitat split on Atlantic Forest soil microbiome and consequences for amphibian immunity, BP.PD
19/24979-2 - The evolution of the larynx in anurans: a study of the laryngeal structure in the most species-rich genus of Neotropical treefrogs (Hylidae: Scinax), BP.PD - associated scholarships


The unprecedented loss of biodiversity and the imminent threats of climate and environmental changes are among the most important challenges faced by humanity. Biodiversity continues to decline worldwide, mainly in response to urban and agriculture expansion over natural areas. In addition, climate change is projected to commit over one-third of the Earth's animal and plant species to extinction by 2050. Silently, the deterioration of species' habitats also drives the cryptic extinction of biotic interactions, some of which are essential in sustaining nature's contribution to people (e.g. pollination services) essential for human well-being. Therefore, the erosion of biodiversity cascades into the crumbling of the web of life, threatening the ecological functions that support the very existence of mankind. That reality built the unalienated idea of halting biodiversity loss and preventing drastic changes on global and regional climates as convergent goals. The São Paulo State University-UNESP is well-positioned to play a leading role in the establishment of adaptation and mitigation strategies that address threats to tropical biodiversity in times of rapid environmental shifts. It has some of the most renowned and well-established research groups working on Biodiversity conservation and anthropogenic changes, largely supported by FAPESP in the last 20 years. We propose a CEPID on Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate Change: a unique, innovative Center congregating experts on science, diffusion, and innovation to produce global class and cutting-edge research and solutions targeting the current loss of biodiversity, its synergism with climate change and its consequences to human well-being. These threats include climate and other anthropogenic changes (e.g., the frequency and intensity of droughts and fires, sea levels rise, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, defaunation, invasive species, and unplanned agricultural and urban occupation, leading to geographic expansion of degraded lands) and social (e.g., overpopulation, increasing poverty in urban areas, social and gender inequality). Framed by the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 15 - Life on land and 13 - Climate Action, the CEPID mission is the establishment of an observatory of biodiversity and climate change research, promoting innovation focused on nature-based solutions and accelerating diffusion, aligned with the SDGs 4 - Quality Education and 5 - Gender Equality. The CEPID will make the state of São Paulo well-poised to collaborate and exchange expertise with the most successful biodiversity and climate change centers around the world. Such missions and goals are not yet found in any of the actual CEPIDS or CEIs (Centers for Engineering and Innovation)funded by FAPESP (AU)

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