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Mesoporous ceramics and multifunctional organic-inorganic hybrids prepared by sol-gel process

Grant number: 07/53073-4
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: November 01, 2007 - October 31, 2013
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Materials and Metallurgical Engineering - Nonmetallic Materials
Principal Investigator:Celso Valentim Santilli
Grantee:Celso Valentim Santilli
Home Institution: Instituto de Química (IQ). Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). Campus de Araraquara. Araraquara , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Aldo Felix Craievich ; Marcia Carvalho de Abreu Fantini ; Sandra Helena Pulcinelli ; Sidney José Lima Ribeiro
Associated grant(s):12/07214-3 - E-MRS 2012 Spring Meeting, AR.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):13/04314-0 - Development of siloxane-PMMA coatings reinforced by carbon nanotubes and graphene for anticorrosive applications, BP.MS
12/10215-1 - Correlation between macro/mesoporous structure, surface properties and catalytic activity for sulfated zirconia foams, BP.PD
11/12087-8 - Monitoring of UV filters uptake/release from polyether-ureasil hybrid materials, BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 11/11550-6 - Functionalization of carbon nanotubes grown in hierarchical porous materials for preparation of useful catalysts in transesterification reaction, BP.PD
11/08673-9 - Macro-mesoporous alumina produced by sol-gel method for application in heterogeneous catalysis, BP.DR
10/10177-7 - Preparation and characterization of doped silica-polymer films for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces, BP.IC
09/16413-7 - Synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials with polythiophenes derivatives for sensor applications, BP.PD
09/16975-5 - Study of the corrosion resistance of siloxane-PMMA hybrids coatings applied on AA7050 alloy, BP.PD
10/00135-5 - Sistematical study of the thermoreversible sol-gel transition of TiO2 coloidal suspensions modified by para-toluene sulfonic acid for building ordered mesoporous materials, BP.PD
09/10426-0 - Hierarchically ordered porous materials for application in catalysis, BP.IC
08/09029-3 - Hierarchically ordered porous materials for application in catalysis, BP.PD
08/05475-9 - Multifunctional hybrid nanocomposites, BP.DD
07/08559-6 - Cubic ordered mesoporous silica from sodium silicate, BP.IC - associated scholarships


This thematic research project involves a team of five principal researchers and five collaborating researchers with their postgraduate and scientific initiation students, in addition to researchers working for post-doctorates. The project's main objective is to guarantee the continuity of studies we have been developing for over more than ten years on the preparation of ceramic or hybrid nanomaterials using the sol-gel process. The central theme of the project involves the study of mesoporous ceramics with periodical arrangement of pores and organic-inorganic hybrids with different functions, namely: devices for controlled release of pharma-chemicals, transparent solid ionic conductors, anti-corrosion barriers, adsorbents of heavy metals, catalyst supports, diffraction gratings, narrow band laser, contrast agents and markers for clinical diagnosis. All these systems present as a common aspect the nanometric characteristics of the phases responsible for the specific properties of the proposed applications. We intend to prepare organic hybrids siloxane-polymer (poly (ethylene oxide), PEO, poly (propylene oxide), PPO, poly (methacrylates) and poly (glycides)) covalently bonded and evaluate the effect of the conditions of preparation on the nano-structural characteristics and on the functional properties. In the case of ceramic systems we should evaluate the viability of controlling the size of the pores and the type of periodic arrangement based on the use of "liquid crystals” formed by the auto-association of amphiphilic molecules of tensoactives present in the reactional medium. It still remains to establish the conditions of preparation of emulsions composed of the mixture water/oil/tensoactive/co-tensoactive capable of functioning as nano or micro-reactor and confine both the growth of particles and the growth of pores. (AU)

Scientific publications (11)
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