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Evaluation of polymorphisms of genes DGAT1 and TCAP as markers for carcass and meat characteristics in beef cattle Nellore (Bos indicus)


This project aims to appraise the allele and genotype frequencies of DGAT1-VNTR polymorphisms of the gene DGAT1 and G346A (GeneBank AY28575) of gene TCAP in Nellore beef cattle (Bos indicus), as well as check the occurrence of associations between these polymorphisms and traits related to carcass composition and meat quality in the breed. It will be used about 600 Nelore feedlot Cattle, under the age of two years, all with performance and pedigreeinformation available. The selected animals will be slaughtered in a slaughterhouse. The Longissimus dorsi muscle samples will be collected from each animal for determining the quantity and quality of meat produced. For this we will measure the rib eye area, fat thickness, index of marbling, shear force, instrumental color, and chemical analysis of meat as lipid and myofibrillar fragmentation index (MFI). Genotyping of polymorphisms will be performed by PCR in the DGAT1 gene and PCR-RFLP in the gene TCAP. The documentation of the gels for subsequent data analysis will be performed using digital photo documentation system. The genotypes of individuals are determined for each polymorphism by analysis of fragment size in base pairs (bp). From the genotypes identified in the gels will be calculated the allele and genotype frequencies for each of the polymorphisms. (AU)