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An inventory of the Characiform fish fauna (Teleostei, Ostariophysi) from South America


The project SACI (South American Characiformes Inventory) focus on the taxonomic study of the Characiform and aims at the production of identification guides, atlases, catalogues and checklists of species, and phylogenetic studies of higher-level relationships among characiforms based on material already available in fish collections of participant institutions as well as representative samples from poorly collected regions to be added to permanent collections. In phylogenetic studies both morphological and molecular data will be used. A project website and a system of electronic mail will be created and will continue after the project end for dissemination of data and products and will enable the continuous communication among the participant taxonomists. The project will make possible and stimulate the continuous inventory of South American freshwater fishes through contact of the participants with other Brazilian and foreign taxonomists. Master, doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships will provide training for students, a most important issue within the project. Students and researchers engaged in graduate and postdoctoral programs will work with senior taxonomists in the field and museum laboratories thus largely increasing their knowledge in taxonomy and systematics. To know the species and higher-level relationships of a large and widely distributed clade as Characiformes, will open research opportunities in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology. The research will encompass studies in systematics, phylogeny, historical biogeography and comparative biology. Degradation of aquatic ecosystems in South America is enormous and aquatic species are among the most threatened. Conservation biologists and fishery managers depend on accurate taxonomic work and up dated information on specimens deposited in collections for determination of priority areas for protection and establishment of management programs. In addition, the project will provide a considerable progress in taxonomic knowledge of the group and the opportunity to improve museum collection data through the work of characiform experts. (AU)

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