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Effects of the forest fragmentation in the State of São Paulo and other regions of the South and Southeast of the country in the functioning of populations of fig trees and in the fig-wasp mutualism of figs


Fig trees are a key resource for the functioning of tropical forests, since they provide food for fig-eating animals in periods of shortage of fruits from other species. In addition, they play an important role in the regeneration and recomposition of vegetal communities, attracting fig-eating animals, dispersers in turn of other vegetal species. In the face of the intense process of fragmentation suffered in the State of São Paulo and in other regions of the country, this Project has the aim of understanding the functioning and evaluating the sensitivity of Ficus populations to the fragmentation of the habitat, investigating the following questions: (1) Do the diversity and wealth of species of wasp associated with the Ficus species vary according to the level of fragmentation and disturbance of the habitat? (2) If present, is this variation an indication that the populations of Ficus are close to critical size? (3) Is there a limitation of pollen in the small or very degraded fragments? (4) Is the level of parasitism by non-pollinating wasps greater in small or very degraded fragments? For this purpose, samples of figs close to the emergence of the wasps will be collected in plants of the species of Ficus found in forest fragments of different sizes. The seeds, the pollinating wasps (pollen vectors) and the non-pollinating wasps (parasites of the mutualism) produced by the fig will be quantified to evaluate the relationship of these reproductive components with the size and level of degradation of the forest fragments studied. (AU)

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