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Conciliate the empire: imperial politics and Marquês of Paraná (1842-1856)


Honório Hermeto Carneiro Leão (1801-1856) was one of the most eminent politicians of the Conservative Party of Brazilian monarchical period. He was honored with the titles of viscount and marquis of Paraná in 1852 and 1854, respectively. The apex of his career was the chair of the Conciliation Cabinet, between 1853 and 1856. The political career of Carneiro Leão since 1842 is the main subject of this dissertation. However, it was not intended to recount his life in a linear basis, nor simply laudatory recall his services to the Brazilian Empire. This study aimed, above all, to question and deconstruct the memory, which united the individual and the State and influenced many interpretations of five major political events of the Brazilian Eighteenth Century: the formation of the Regress; the riots of 1842; Praiera Rebellious; intervention on the Platine region and, finally, the Conciliation Cabinet. Each one of these issues was discussed in detail in four chapters of this book. (AU)