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Ethan Vincent Munson | University of Wisconsin - Estados Unidos


Dr. Munson's research statement 1) using latent semantic indexing to maintain links among evolving software documents Dr. Munson has been developing tools for linking software documents. Dr. Pimentel has built tools for automatically creating hyperlinks in static document collections. We propose to combine these activities towards the creation of links among software documents. 2) information visualization style sheets Dr. Pimentel has developed a description-based framework for generating visualizations of web documents, called iview. Dr. Munson has made significant contributions to style sheet systems. We propose to refine the iview framework to support a wider range of visualizations. 3) design and evaluation of hypermedia representations for capturing design rationale Dr. Munson uses versioned hypermedia to help developers express the organization of their project as a whole entity. Dr. Fortes has been using the coteia and docrationale infrastructures to capture and express the design rationale of software systems. We propose to design and evaluate a comprehensive set of document and hyperlink types to help developers capture design rationale. (AU)