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Role of short chain fatty acids and their receptor (GPR43) in the immune response to anaerobic bacteria in vivo and in vitro


The anaerobic bacteria Porphyromonas ginigivalis (Pg) and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) are involved with the development of infectious diseases including periodontitis and abscess. The destruction of these bacteria depends on the activation, migration and effector function of innate and adaptive cells. In this context, neutrophils are key cells. Once in the infected tissue, neutrophils act through different mechanisms with the aim of eliminating the bacteria including the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, release of proteases and enzymes that chelate nutrients, which are essential to the survive of bacteria, phagocytosing and inducing the recruitment and activation of other leukocytes. By the other side, bacteria present mechanisms for evading the immune system including proteases, polyssacharide capsule, hemmaglutinin and lipopolyssacharides. For Pg and Aa, products of their metabolism such as the short chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate and butyrate), which modulate leukocyte function, can also affect the host response to them. This project aims to investigate the role of SCFAs and their receptor (GPR43) in the immune response to anaerobic bacteria in vitro and in vivo and the intracellular pathways involved. For this, neutrophils and macrophages isolated from bone marrow of mice will be incubated with bacteria and the SCFAs. We will also analyze the immune response in vivo in a model of periodontal disease and using a subcutaneous chamber. We hypothesize that these fatty acids produced in the context of infection by anaerobic bacteria affect the action of immune cells and the outcome of the infectious process. (AU)

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