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Chemical communication in harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones): morphology, behavior and chemistry


Chemical communication has evolved independently in various groups of invertebrates and vertebrates. However, unlike several animals that use multi-modal communication, harvestmen appear to be highly dependent on chemicals to communicate. Unexpectedly, there are only a few studies in this area and almost nothing is known about the use of pheromones in the group. In this project, we intend to explore the chemical communication in harvestmen, investigating the question with three approaches: morphology, chemistry and behavior. In the morphological study, we will describe the tegumental glands that are absent in females and others that occur in both sexes but which we have reasons to believe that may play a sexual role. For such description, a histological study will be conducted, using optical and electronic microscopes (transmission and scanning). In the chemical study, the secretions will be collected and analyzed chemically: this will be done both with glands occurring in only one sex and those present in males and females, in an attempt to detect differences between the sexes. Finally, the behavioral approach will include descriptive and behavioral experiments to understand how the secretions are used and what their functions are. With this inter-disciplinary study, we expect to obtain solid publications and form a strong research group in chemical communication at the EACH, a school only 6 years old, with available space but in need of well established and independent research groups. (AU)

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Scientific publications (19)
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