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Brazil and Portugal: belonging, identification


This project continues the research that I have developed and unfolds investigations that accompanies, for a long-time, my career as a researcher interested in understanding the ways and manners as were constituted and have been constituting local, regional and national identity characters, with central focus on Brazil. I propose, on periodization that spans the second half of the 19th century and the first of the 20th century, developing continuity from two fronts: [1] research around reflections on the landscape and, in particular, about the fatherland association homeland/country/landscape, in differentiated clippings that evidence the sensibilities and ways that link the man and the surrounding countryside and, therefore, the history and/or written that fulfills it; [2] the investigation, also thought in terms of identity, regarding the writing history of Brazil and Portugal, or better, the place of the writings and the networks of relationships that, over the time, have been settled between Brazil and Portugal in literary, intellectual and historiographical plans.The request is restricted to the item [2], to be developed in the next year (2014), with focus already defined for the production of papers to be presented at the events listed in the schedule of implementation (AHILA Congress and International Colloquium organized by the research group registered at CNPq, História e Linguagens políticas: razão, sentimentos e sensibilidades, from wich I am a constituent).Keywords: history; national belonging; identification; alterity. (AU)