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Humanities, narratives and humanization in health


Based on the results and developments from previous research projects, supported by FAPESP and other institutions, this proposal aims to develop studies that go forward and wider in the analysis of the subject of humanization in health, investigating the role that humanities and, particularly, the narratives, can play in this educational and professional process. In this sense, searching to converge previously parallel research streams, this project proposes a work on two major fronts:1)Theoretic-conceptual: searching, using historical and philosophical approaches, to give a deeper and wider view of the central concepts in this project: Humanities, Narratives and Humanization2)Empiric-experimental: searching, using qualitative methodologies, grounded in narratives and participant observation, to understand how in the field of Humanities the different forms of narratives (Literature, History, Life History, Arts, Cinema, etc.) could contribute to humanization in health, in terms of education, professional practice and research as well. (AU)