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Use of chemodiversity of plant species in remaining areas of Atlantic Forest from São Paulo State in the selection of biologically active prototypes


In this project will be continued aiming the selection of plant species that occur in the remaining areas of the Atlantic Forest of São Paulo State, with the main purpose of conducting pharmacological studies, isolation and structural determination of active compounds, in addition to establishing relations structure/biologic activities obtained with compounds of vegetable matrices. This study began in 2008 with the project entitled " Selection of Potential Molecules in Plant Species of São Paulo Altitude Regions - Chemical Structure, Structure Relations/Biological Activity Associated with Ecophysiological Considerations " - FAPESP 2006/51626-6 (2008 - 2011) followed by the project "Sustainable Use of Biodiversity from Remaining Areas of Atlantic Forest of São Paulo State - Evaluation, Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites in Plant Species" - FAPESP 2011/51739-0 (2012 - 2014). In this proposal, we intend to continue their studies with bioactive extracts, especially those with antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal), antitumor/cytotoxic and antiprotozoal (anti-Leishmania and trypanocidal). To carry out the work, the extracts that show promising will be submitted to molecular identification analysis (HPLC/MS and NMR) being the active metabolites subjected to purification and characterization by chromatographic and spectroscopic/spectrometric techniques. After isolation of the active substances, essentially those which present new or rare structures, they might be subject to SAR tests through different molecular changes aimed determination of pharmacophore groups. In addition, it is intended, in this proposal, conduct specific tests to action mode setting of substances with proven antiprotozoal and/or cytotoxic/antitumor activities. Additionally, in the final stage of the project, the compounds that present high potential and reduced toxicity in vitro will be subjected to evaluation studies of activity in vivo (preclinical studies). Thus, this project aims to add new compounds and/or extracts with pharmacological activity to the restricted herbal therapeutic arsenal by providing tools for sustainable development of endangered areas. (AU)

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