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Intelliferti - intelligent fertigation equipment


Agricultural production in greenhouse has grown a lot in the country, however, most of the producers, manages the irrigation system in an intuitive way, without effective control of climate parameters, without management or root zone of the plant response. Thus, both greenhouses and irrigation systems have limitations as to its maintainability of optimal conditions, as the systems become inefficient to promote vegetable production and get all the productivity and the quality offered according to their genetic potential. Knowing the relationship between the conditions of the root zone, the environment of the micro-climate, the nutritional needs of each phenological stage of the crop is a key aspect to properly handle fertigation. Currently, R4F sells a monitoring system for greenhouses based on Sensor Wireless Network (WSN), called SISMON, which is being improved on a FAPESP (2014 / 50281-9) to be able to realize the intelligent micro control -clima greenhouse. Added to this product, from 2013 to R4F started to run fertigation projects, thus providing a more complete solution possible to the producer. In this context, identifies the demand for the proposed product - IntelliFerti - to complete the portfolio of R4F and offer the market an effective fertigation solution and adapted to the conditions in the domestic market. This proposal innovates by proposing a device capable of injecting up to 6 concentrated fertilizer variable, without mixing box with separate injection blocks, contralados by embedded electronics, coordinated by a fertigation strategy that takes into account the conditions of the root zone, the micro-climate of the environment and the nutritional needs of each phenological stage of the crop. The technical feasibility of the proposed product (if confirmed to the project end) can provide significant gains in productivity and cost savings for producers. (AU)