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Molecular mechanisms involved in osteoimmunomodulatory properties of biomaterials


This bilateral research collaboration was first discussed in July 2015 during a workshop organized by UNESP, where Dr. Xiao and Dr. de Souza discussed possibilities for a collaborative project to investigate the mechanisms involved in osteoimmunomodulation by biomaterials. Dr. de Souza was the recipient of a prestigious Brazilian Young Investigator grant in 2014 (Young Investigator # 2014/05283-3) and set up the Bone Biology Research Group at UNESP, whose mission is to investigate the mechanisms involved in osteoblasts and osteoclasts interactions during bone remodeling. Professor Xiao has a well-established laboratory for research in Bone and Tissue Engineering at Queensland University of Technology (OUT). His research group has extensive experience with in vivo animal models to assess biomaterials and bone healing. He has earned an international reputation in the fields of biomaterials and regenerative medicine, especially in developing the concept of osteoimmunology in bone biomaterials assessment for bone regeneration. The proposed collaboration between Dr. de Souza's and Dr. Xiao's research groups opens up the possibility of translational research in the near future. To take this research further Dr. Xiao and Dr. de Souza, with the support of this grant, will pool their resources to better understand the molecular mechanisms involved in stimulation of bone formation/remodeling by specific nutrient elements, which will significantly improve the design and synthesis of novel bone biomaterials. (AU)