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Characterization of MSW refuse in the municipality of São Paulo - SP


With the publication of Law No. 12.305 / 2010 establishing the National Policy on Solid Waste in Brazil, a new concept for municipal solid waste management has been addressed. According to this Policy, should only be destined to final disposal at sanitary landfills that waste that cannot be recycled or reused. Note now an "association" of the various institutions involved at all stages of the cycle production, consumption and post-consumption, generation and final disposal of solid waste and the main actors involved (producers of goods that generate waste for traders, distributors, importers, public or private service providers of solid waste management and consumers). This research project aims to contextualize the MSW refuse based on existing laws and waste inventories for the city of São Paulo, and gravimetric characterization from the analysis of waste considered as recycled by the society, however, destined to landfills after segregation carried out by recycling cooperatives. After this survey, it is expected to reach improvements in the percentage of recyclables and even construction and landfill project, with the involvement of active social agents at each step. (AU)