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Quantum transport in Dirac metal based on HgTe wells


Rapidly developing physics research in the world requires international collaboration of scientists working in similar fields. Dr. E.B. Olshanetsky from the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Novosibirsk, Russia) specializes in the quantum transport. He is an author of the numerous publications. A considerable part of his research record is devoted to electronic properties of quantum wells and topological insulators, which is essential for the planned project. E.B. Olshanetsky is experienced in of the quantum transport characteristics in solids. The visit of Dr. E.B. Olshanetsky will be very helpful for support of the research conducted in the New Semiconductor Materials Laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the University of Sao Paulo (LNMS-IFUSP). He is an experimentalist whose contribution in the field of low-dimensional electron systems and nanostructures, in particular, quantum transport for these systems, is recognized worldwide. During the last 8 years, Dr. E.B. Olshanetsky has been collaborating with the group of Dr. Gennady Gusev (LNMS-IFUSP). This collaboration proved to be very useful and its results have been published in 8 papers in the physics journals with high impact factor (mostly Physical Review B and Physical Review Letters) (AU)