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Cutting, packing, lot-sizing, scheduling, routing and location problems and their integration in industrial and logistics settings

Grant number: 16/01860-1
Support type:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: May 01, 2017 - April 30, 2022
Field of knowledge:Engineering - Production Engineering
Principal Investigator:Reinaldo Morabito Neto
Grantee:Reinaldo Morabito Neto
Home Institution: Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET). Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). São Carlos , SP, Brazil
Co-Principal Investigators:Débora Pretti Ronconi ; Horacio Hideki Yanasse ; Silvio Alexandre de Araujo ; Vinicius Amaral Armentano
Assoc. researchers:Adriana Cristina Cherri ; Aline Aparecida de Souza Leão ; Andrea Carla Gonçalves Vianna ; Antônio Augusto Chaves ; Carlos Alberto Alonso Sanches ; Claudio Fabiano Motta Toledo ; Cleber Damião Rocco ; Deisemara Ferreira ; Denise Sato Yamashita ; Desiree Maldonado Carvalho ; Diego Jacinto Fiorotto ; Douglas José Alem Junior ; Eli Angela Vitor Toso ; Ernesto Julián Goldberg Birgin ; Flávio Keidi Miyazawa ; Flávio Molina da Silva ; Gislaine Mara Melega ; Kelly Cristina Poldi ; Leonardo Junqueira ; Luiz Leduíno de Salles Neto ; Marcos Mansano Furlan ; Mariá Cristina Vasconcelos Nascimento Rosset ; Maria Do Socorro Nogueira Rangel ; Maria José Pinto ; Marina Andretta ; Maristela Oliveira dos Santos ; Mônica Maria de Marchi ; Nei Yoshihiro Soma ; Pedro Augusto Munari Junior ; Roberto Fernandes Tavares Neto ; Sonia Cristina Poltroniere Silva ; Tamara Angélica Baldo ; Victor Claudio Bento de Camargo ; Vitória Maria Miranda Pureza
Associated grant(s):19/04117-6 - International Congress on industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), AR.EXT
19/04013-6 - 30th European Conference on Operational Research, AR.EXT
18/12796-8 - L SBPO - Brazilian symposium of Operational Research, AR.BR
Associated scholarship(s):19/18227-8 - A study on the problem of packing objects for 3D printing, BP.IC
18/14895-3 - Lot sizing problems: integrations and extensions, BE.PQ
19/01145-9 - Analysis of machine flexibility for the lot sizing problem in unbalanced systems, BP.MS
+ associated scholarships 19/00614-5 - Integrated lot sizing problems: literature review, classification e future directions, BP.PD
18/10284-0 - Production planning integrated to the optimization problem of the use of moulds, BP.DR
18/16600-0 - The two-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers and demand uncertainty, BP.DD
18/19893-9 - Integrated lot-sizing and cutting stock problems, BP.PD
18/13972-4 - Heuristic procedures to the one-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers, BP.IC
18/11877-4 - Two-dimensional cutting and packing problems with tetris-like items, BP.IC
18/10959-7 - Study and development of heuristic methods for solving level cylinder packing problem, BP.IC
18/03819-4 - Methods for solving quadratic binary optimization problems, BP.DR
18/00463-4 - Robust optimization applied to vehicle routing , BP.IC
17/26969-9 - A study of the knapsack problem with special constraints, BP.IC
17/25278-2 - Multiobjective model for reverse logistic planning of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), BP.IC
17/23536-4 - Mathematical formulations for the lot sizing problem and applications in the industrial production planning, BP.IC
17/18192-4 - Optimization of the cutting process integrated to the lot sizing in multi-plant industries, BP.DR
17/20740-0 - Studies on the problem of stock cutting: theoretical and computational aspects and applicability in industrial contexts, BP.IC
17/20294-0 - Analysis of the use of IG (Iterated Greedy) in the problem of minimizing the flow time of finished products in an integrated production-distribution system, BP.IC
17/07573-7 - Production and distribution planning of recycled polymers, BP.IC
17/14358-5 - Reformulations for batch sizing problems, BP.IC - associated scholarships


The problems focused in this thematic project were divided into: (A) cutting problems; (B) packing problems; (C) lot-sizing problems; (D) scheduling problems; (E) routing problems (F) location problems and (G) the integration of these problems. In addition to the study and development of mathematical models related to these problems, solution methods and algorithms to solve them will be developed and their computational performances will be analyzed. The project also aims the continuity of the integration and collaboration of research groups from different institutions interested in these issues, as well as human resource training for research and technological developments. We intend to intensify cooperation between the productive sector and academia, with the development of case studies in companies. We hope thereby enable collaborations and partnerships in the study of these problems and the development of computational tools for use in practice. The team of this project is composed by several researchers in various stages of their academic careers, from graduate students and young doctors up to experienced researchers in the study of these problems. We point out that this project is a follow up of two previous FAPESP thematic projects, the first developed between 2006 and 2010, and the second, between 2010 and 2015. In the previous projects we mainly studied problems (A), (B), (C), (D) and some integration of these problems. (AU)

Scientific publications (18)
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