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Giovanni Boccaccio's Olympia : genres and Virgilian poetic memory

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Adir de Oliveira Fonseca Jr.
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Document type: Master's Dissertation
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Dating from 1367, Olympia is the fourteenth eclogue, amongst other fifteen, included in Giovanni Boccaccio¿s Buccolicum carmen (c. 1346-1367). As the poet himself states in an epistle to Martin da Signa (Epist. XXIII), this collection is modelled on Virgil¿s Bucolics. Nevertheless, one may notice, particularly in the poem Olympia ¿ which deals with the supernatural encounter between the character Silvius and the spirit of his dead daughter ¿, that Boccaccio also resorts to other genres and traditions, incorporating elements from e.g. the elegy and the epic into that Virgilian pastoral framing. With this in mind, in this thesis I will present, besides the first annotated translation of the poem from Latin into Portuguese, a study focusing on the intertextuality in Olympia, my main goal being its relationship with Virgil, and especially with Aeneid 6. Thus in the first chapter I devised to make brief remarks on the editions, translations and manuscripts of the Buccolicum carmen and Olympia; on essential data concerning Boccaccio and his Latin production; on my methodology, based on intertextuality, allusive art, poetic memory, reception and tradition in classical studies; and, finally, on general information and queries regarding the eclogue at issue. In the second chapter my analyses will be centred on the presence of different genres in Olympia ¿ bucolic, elegiac and epic, in this sequence. For this purpose, I will begin each topic with a discussion on the status and distinctive features of the eclogue, the elegy and the epic, in Roman Antiquity as in the Renaissance, commenting on the intertexts found in the Boccaccian poem. In the third and last chapter, based on the methodology, reflections and hypotheses previously explored, I will present a comparative study on the passages describing the Elysium, mythical paradise, in Boccaccio¿s Olympia and in Virgil¿s Aeneid 6 (AU)

FAPESP's process: 14/01868-7 - Giovanni Boccaccios Olympia: introductory study, translation and notes
Grantee:Adir de Oliveira Fonseca Junior
Support type: Scholarships in Brazil - Master