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Confession and fictions of an anthropologist : ethnography of preachers of Chathedral Square

Delcides Marques
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Institution: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas
Defense date:
Examining board members:
Jorge Luiz Mattar Villela; Maria Suely Kofes
Advisor: Ronaldo Romulo Machado de Almeida

It is treated of an ethnography of the preaching affected pentecostal by the confession and memory of the anthropologist's experience pentecostal during the field work and writing of the text. Of the conversion to the anthropology was made the confession of the previous conversion. This is an ethnography that is based on confession and memory of the experience of pentecostal conversion of a former native anthropologist during the fieldwork and writing the text. It is a survey on the conditions of possibility of ethnography affected in order to preach the pentecostal Cathedral Square in central São Paulo. There is a concern with the understanding that worship, so that the work is presented as a fiction about the speeches, both practices that preaching in the Cathedral and the interaction between anthropologist and preacher in the exercise of their activities (AU)