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Physics preservice teachers\' beliefs in curriculum innovation context: The case of one course of Modern and Contemporary Physics in High School

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Edson Cesar Marques Filho
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Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: São Paulo.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Física (IF/SBI)
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Marcelo Alves Barros; Jesuina Lopes de Almeida Pacca
Advisor: Marcelo Alves Barros

A general movement of curricular innovation has occurred in many countries in recent decades. The teaching, however, has remained resistant to these new formulations, largely on the basis of knowledge and educational beliefs of teachers so that it is necessary to consider these factors to the success of real curricular changes. In this research our goal was to identify and analyze the beliefs of preservice teachers of physics in the context of a particular curriculum innovation: the inclusion of Modern and Contemporary Physics (MCP) topics for high school students. We used as theoretical reference a review paper on basic teachers\' beliefs (Pajares, 1992). Our methodology was qualitative, with four preservice teachers studied from a group of 11 science future teachers (Physics License), from Physics Institute of São Carlos, University of São Paulo, in 2009. It was offered a minicourse to undergraduates of two Modern and Contemporary Physics topics: Particle Physics and Nanoscience, both in 16 hours, and thereafter, future teachers have adapted and arranged such concepts and activities into a teaching module with 4 hours for High School. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and were apllied Likert questionnaires at the beginning and the end of this investigation, as well as video recordings were made. The interviews were analyzed with the Discourse Textual Analysis (Moraes, 2003) and questionnaires with Cognitive Maps (Mellado et al., 2002). We stress that knowing the beliefs of teachers about implementing Modern and Contemporary Physics topics in high school is an important first step to seek to interfere in the beliefs of prospective teachers on the subject, providing trainers of future teachers a perspective on the beliefs of the public on the inclusion of Modern and Contemporary Physics in high school and still emphasize the continued importance of future investigations in this direction in order to provide a general framework on this issue. (AU)

FAPESP's process: 09/03956-2 - The role of future teachers motivacional beliefs in respect of insertion of contemporary and modern physics and its relation with profissional knowledge
Grantee:Edson Cesar Marques Filho
Support Opportunities: Scholarships in Brazil - Master