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Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR)

Research Supported by FAPESP assembles referential information of scholarships and research grants from various research modalities, awarded by FAPESP, from the home-research institution Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR).

Home-research institution provides the headquarters for conducting a sponsored research project. In general, the project’s responsible researchers and/or grantees have affiliation with it.

The display board "FAPESP Support in Numbers" presents the number of ongoing or concluded scholarships and research grants, awarded by the Foundation, and affiliated to the home-research institution Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR). In the center of the page, you will see some information on those awarded scholarships and research grants.

Use the "Refine results" list of options to filter information on awarded research at the home-research institution Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR), and to get results that are more specific for your search, according to following parameters: type of Research Grants, modality of Scholarships, Field of Knowledge and Start Date.

The Maps and Graphs show the geographical distribution of FAPESP sponsorship in the State of São Paulo and the historical sequence of funded research, by year, of the ongoing projects from the home-research institution Universidade de Marília (UNIMAR).

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Scholarships in Brazil
FAPESP support in numbers* *Updated June 15, 2019
Total / Available in English
11 / 1Completed research grants
1 / 1Ongoing scholarships in Brazil
12 /  0 Completed scholarships in Brazil
24 / 2 All Research Grants and Scholarships
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Map of FAPESP Support in the State of São Paulo

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