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Hudson Giovani Zanin

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Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Faculdade de Engenharia Elétrica e de Computação (FEEC)  (Institutional affiliation for the last research proposal)
Birthplace: Brazil

graduation at Física from Universidade Federal de São Carlos (2005), master's at Electric Engineering from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (2008) and doctorate at Electric Engineering from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (2012). Has experience in Electric Engineering, focusing on Electric Engineering, acting on the following subjects: nanoestruturas, vertically aligned, co2, carbon nanotubes and nanotubos de carbono. (Source: Lattes Curriculum)

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Scientific publications resulting from Research Grants and Scholarships under the grantee's responsibility (21)

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Data from Web of Science

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VICENTINI, RAFAEL; NUNES, WILLIAN GONCALVES; COSTA, LENON HENRIQUE; PASCON, ALINE; DA SILVA, LEONARDO MORAIS; BALDAN, MAURICIO; ZANIN, HUDSON. Environmentally Friendly Functionalization of Porous Carbon Electrodes for Aqueous-Based Electrochemical Capacitors. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, v. 18, p. 73-82, . Web of Science Citations: 0. (17/19222-4, 14/02163-7, 16/25082-8)

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ZANIN, H.; ROSA, C. M. R.; ELIAZ, N.; MAY, P. W.; MARCIANO, F. R.; LOBO, A. O.. Assisted deposition of nano-hydroxyapatite onto exfoliated carbon nanotube oxide scaffolds. NANOSCALE, v. 7, n. 22, p. 10218-10232, . Web of Science Citations: 34. (11/20345-7, 11/17877-7, 14/02163-7)

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ZANIN, H.; CERAGIOLI, H. J.; PETERLEVITZ, A. C.; BARANAUSKAS, VITOR; MARCIANO, F. R.; LOBO, A. O.. Field emission properties of the graphenated carbon nanotube electrode. Applied Surface Science, v. 324, p. 174-178, . Web of Science Citations: 6. (11/20345-7, 11/17877-7, 14/02163-7)

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ZANIN, HUDSON; MANZOLLI RODRIGUES, BRUNO VINICIUS; RIBEIRO NETO, WILSON ALVES; SUMAN BRETAS, ROSARIO ELIDA; DA-SILVA, NEWTON SOARES; MARCIANO, FERNANDA ROBERTA; LOBO, ANDERSON OLIVEIRA. High loading of graphene oxide/multi-walled carbon nanotubes into PDLLA: A route towards the design of osteoconductive, bactericidal and non-immunogenic 3D porous scaffolds. Materials Chemistry and Physics, v. 177, p. 56-66, . Web of Science Citations: 4. (11/20345-7, 15/08523-8, 11/17877-7, 15/01259-3, 14/02163-7, 13/20054-8)

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VICENTINI, RAFAEL; DA SILVA, LEONARDO MORAIS; CECILIO JUNIOR, EDSON PEDRO; ALVES, THAYANE ALMEIDA; NUNES, WILLIAN GONCALVES; ZANIN, HUDSON. How to Measure and Calculate Equivalent Series Resistance of Electric Double-Layer Capacitors. Molecules, v. 24, n. 8, . Web of Science Citations: 0. (14/02163-7)

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