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Longitudinal study of hyposegmentations in texts of Junior High School

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Roberta Pereira Fiel
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Master's Dissertation
Press: São José do Rio Preto. 2018-05-02.
Institution: Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp). Instituto de Biociências Letras e Ciências Exatas. São José do Rio Preto
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Advisor: Luciani Ester Tenani

This work deals with the longitudinal characterization of the writing by students from Junior High School (EF II in Brazil) with respect to the hyposegmentations of written words in which there is the unconventional absence of graphic frontier (e.g. "puraqui" - "por aqui" in Portuguese - "around here" in English). To reach these objectives, we are based on a theoretical apparatus of prosodic phonology, on the one hand, a relation-based model, which conceives the existence of seven prosodic constituents that structure the utterances of the world's languages; and, on the other hand, in the approach of writing as constituted in a heterogeneous way. From the results obtained in the quantitative analysis, we highlight that is a correlation between the increase in the years of schooling and a decrease in the occurrence of hyposegmentations. Regarding the quantitative results of the structures, we highlight: (i) the junction between clitic and prosodic word is the characteristic of the largest data set; (ii) the junction between two clitics is the second most recurrent structure; (iii) the junction between two prosodic words, the third most recurrent in the material analyzed, derives from the mobilization of several linguistic characteristics, such as the hyposegmentation of periphrastic structures that are examples of linguistic change in progress; (iv) the prosodic and clitic word junction is the least recurrent structure, most of which results from the combination of words with the absence of the hyphen, which led to the formation of possible prosodic words; (v) the junction involving more than one prosodic and / or clitic word occurred only in three data, covering structures such as the intonational phrase and phonological utterance. Regarding the qualitative results, from a linguistic-textual analysis, we highlight that the cases in which there is a fluctuation between conventional and unconventional are: (i) distinguished by their prosodic, grammatical and linguistic-textual configuration ; (ii) more explicit indications of students' insertion into oral / spoken practices and literacy / written practices; (ii) marks of the complex process involving the Other as an instance representative of language (and writing in particular), writing in the complexity of its functioning (heterogeneously constituted) and the student as a writing subject. The main contribution of this work is: (i) to make a quantitative and qualitative analysis of hyposegmentations in by students from Junior High School (EF II) in Brazil Elementary School; and (ii) to show the complexity that underlies the relations between prosody and writing through unconventional segmentation of words. (AU)