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Evaluation of bone repair at the bone/implant interface in estrogen deficient rats treated with human opg-fc or strontium ranelate. Histometric, immunohistochemistry, biomechanics, computerized microtomography and confocal microscopy analysis

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Juliana Zorzi Coléte
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Doctoral Thesis
Press: Araçatuba. 2018-06-19.
Institution: Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp). Faculdade de Odontologia. Araçatuba
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Advisor: Roberta Okamoto; Idelmo Rangel Garcia Júnior

Objectives: Evaluate the peri - implant bone repair in rats submitted to ovariectomy and treated with Strontium Ranelate (625mg/kg/day) or OPG - Fc (10mg/kg/2 times per week). Material and Method: six ty - four rats weighing about 300 grams, they were divided into 4 experimental groups according with the treatment and analysis: SHAM; OVX; OVX/RE; OVX/OPG - Fc. Each animal received 2 implants, 1 in each tibial metaphysis. Euthanasia was performed 42 and 60 days after implant installation. Computed micro - tomography (mi cro - CT), biomechanical (reverse torque), histometrical, laser confocal microscopy, real - time gene expression ( RT - PCR), histology and immunohistochemiscal analysis. The histological results revealed for the OVX - RE group a better bone neoformation with thick er trabeculae and low connective tissue compared to OVX group. The immunohistochemical results showed intense labeling of OPG to the OVX - RE group and intense labeling of RANKL to the OVX group. Confocal microscopy analysis exhibited that the OVX - RE group o btained a greater red alizarin marking compared to the others two groups (Tukey test - p<0.05). For the parameters BV/TV, Tb.Th, the OVX/RE group showed the larger values in relation to the other groups. For Tb.Sp the OVX/OPG - Fc group presented the best re sult (OVX: p<0.05 and OVX/RE: p> 0.05), and the Tb.N exhibited a statistical significant difference in the combination of results between the OVX and OVX / OPG - Fc groups (p<0.05). For the MAR and fluorochromes evaluation, OVX/RE group showed a better peri - implant bone turnover, for the AON, the SHAM group presented the higher results (OVX: p<0.05), and for the ELCOI, the OVX/RE group presented the best results. It is concluded that the treatment with strontium ranelate or OPG - Fc human improve significantly the peri - implant bone repair of osteopenic rats by inhibiting the exacerbated osteoclast activity, promoting a balance between the OPG/RANKL, it showing this improved characteristic in the animals treated with the strontium ranch. (AU)

FAPESP's process: 15/13712-4 - Bone healing evaluation in the bone / implant interface in estrogen deficient rats treated with human OPG-Fc or Strontium ranelate . Histometric, immunohistochemistry, biomechanics, computed microtomography and confocal microscopy analysis
Grantee:Juliana Zorzi Coléte
Support type: Scholarships in Brazil - Doctorate