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REGULATORY SCIENCE: Taking a cell engineered product to market; Using iPS derived cardiomyocytes for anti-arrhythmic drug screening; The Brazilian regulatory system for cell therapy products.CELL THERAPY MANUFACTURING AND BANKING: Cell manufacturing and banking: an industry perspective; Manufacturing GMP-MSC in bioreactors; How large should be an iPS cell bank for the Brazilian population?; The GAiT Initiative; The Brazilian Patient Specific iPS cell bank.TISSUE ENGINEERING: 3D Modelling for tissue engineering; Choosing the right scaffold for bone engineering; Electrospinning techniques for tissue engineering; Using the decellularized liver as a scaffold for engineering a liver; Quality control in tissue engineering; Sinvastatin-associated nanofibers for bone regeneration.CELL REPROGRAMMING AND DIFFERENTIATION FOR DISEASE MODELLING: Modelling Zika infection in brain organoids; Differential susceptibility of iPS-derived neural progenitor cells from discordant twins; Modelling arrhythmias using iPS derived cardiomyocytes; Modelling Progeria Syndrome with iPS; Modelling cystic fibrosis with iPS; Modelling sickle cell disease with iPS.GENE AND CELL THERAPIES: Genetically engineered MSC for cell therapies; Vector design and manufacture for gene and cell therapies; Genome editing for cell therapies; IGF-1 producing MSC for spinal cord injury; Combining gene and cell therapy for replacing defective skin.PRE-CLINICAL TRIALS IN CELL THERAPY: MSC for therapy of peripheral arterial disease; MSC for treating vision deficits; Therapy with MSC in a pig model of acute myocardial infarction; Cell therapies for respiratory diseases; Cell therapy in cerebrovascular diseases; Translational Research in Cardiovascular Repair.CLINICAL TRIALS IN CELL THERAPY: Safety and efficacy of umbilical cord MSC in patients with heart failure; Bone-marrow derived mononuclear cells for treating chronic ischemic heart disease; MSC for therapy of spinal cord injuries. (AU)

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