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I workshop: nutrients removal and resource recovery from wastewater


We propose a 3-day workshop when Dr. Jules van Lier, Dr. Mark van Loosdrecht and Dr. Merle Kreuk, from TU Delft, visit the current projects at UNICAMP in order to know better the ongoing investigations. They will also share the wastewater treatment plants state of art from Netherlands. Brazilian researchers (from UNICAMP, USP/EESC, UFMG and EMBRAPA/SC) will have the opportunity to share their current projects and the companies (Paques, SANASA, Royal Haskoning DHV, Witteveen en Bos and others) and The Dutch Research Council (NWO) will be invited to cooperate in the research projects to be formulated. Treatment and recovery approaches for industrial and domestic wastewaters will be discussed as well as integration strategies for adapting technologies to local conditions. The aim is to identify research and implementation lines for modern WWTPs. PhD dual degrees will be included in the joint research program being part of the agreement between TU Delft and UNICAMP to expand this opportunity for the civil engineering field. It is important to mention that this workshop will mark the beginning of the Brazilian Water Research Center (BWRC), which already submitted the proposal to FAPESP. (AU)

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