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IV International Symposium on Fungal Stress - ISFUS & XIII International Fungal Biology Conference - IFBC

Processo: 21/13614-3
Linha de fomento:Auxílio à Pesquisa - Organização de Reunião Científica
Vigência: 25 de setembro de 2022 - 29 de setembro de 2022
Área do conhecimento:Ciências Biológicas - Microbiologia - Biologia e Fisiologia dos Microorganismos
Pesquisador responsável:Drauzio Eduardo Naretto Rangel
Beneficiário:Drauzio Eduardo Naretto Rangel
Instituição-sede: Universidade Brasil. Campus São Paulo. São Paulo , SP, Brasil
Assunto(s):Estresse oxidativo  Micologia 


The two meetings - the XIII International Fungal Biology Conference (IFBC) and the IV International Symposium on Fungal Stress (ISFUS) -have been divided and color coded. The mornings will feature speakers from the IFBC (green) and the afternoons the speakers of ISFUS (blue). Each presentation will be 30 minutes (about 25 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for questions). On Sunday, 25 of September 2022, we will meet all speakers for lunch and walk in the Vicentina Aranha Park, São José dos Campos. At 15:30 the opening ceremony will start followed by the ELSEVIER student awards. At 17:00, we will have the Opening Lecture. On Monday, 26 September 2022, starting at 9:00, the first section will be for the IFBC meeting about Morphogenesis of yeast and filamentous fungi. The afternoon starting at 14:00 will be destined for the first section of ISFUS about Stress in fungal pathogenesis. On Tuesday, 26 of September 2022 starting at 9:00, the second section for the IFBC meeting will occur that will be about Organellar dynamics, vesicle trafficking, and cellular heterogeneity. In the afternoon, the section starts at 14:00 for the ISFUS meeting and will deal with Fungal biology in extreme environments. On Wednesday, 27 of September 2022, the morning starts at 9:00 with the third section of IFBC which will be about Cytoskeletal function and dynamics. The section 3 of ISFUS starts at 14:00 with the topic Stress mechanisms and responses in fungi. The last day of the meeting on Thursday, 28 of September 2022, the section 4 of the IFBC meeting will be about Cell biology of interactions and communication, including fungal-fungal interactions, fungal-bacterial, fungal-plant, and fungal-animal focused on cell biological aspects. Afternoon meeting of ISFUS cover Fungal stress in industry, agriculture, and medicine. All posters will be displayed from Sunday to Thursday in the auditorium hall, allowing participants and speakers to exchange communication frequently. (AU)

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