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Effect of plant extracts on Biomphalaria glabrata, vector of schistosomiasis, and on Schistosoma mansoni


The use of plant extracts has been encouraged due to their less harmful effect to the environment than the synthetic molluscicides so far available. Among our results, we have detected considerable activity in several plant extracts such as tomato plant Lycopersicon esculentum (Leyton, 1990), Laurus nobilis (Ré, 1990), Gomphrena macrocephala (Yamamoto et al., 1996, Young et al., 1997) and also from extracts of Piper tuberculatum. This last results was obtained by means of bioprospecting over 60 extracts from Piperaceae species in collaborative project with the Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry at University of São Paulo. In this case the activity of the crude extract was quite high and the dereplication biomonitored yielded two amides which are now under detailed investigation. Thus, the major focus of this proposal is to investigate further Piperaceae species and other plant extract available in the current program RedeBio in order to find analog compounds with similar activity looking for molluscicide and antischistosomal candidate. (AU)

Publicações científicas
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