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Análise dos mecanismos de tolerância à seca em cana-de-açúcar através do uso da análise transcritômica e metabolômica


We have been working with sugarcane genomics aiming the identification of genes associated to agronomical traits. In this project we aim to identify miRNAs that are modulated by drought stress in sugarcane. To this end we will use genetical genomics, comparing the expression profiles of two groups of sugarcane varieties contrasting for drought tolerance. Each group has two varieties that will be grown in the field, under irrigation or without irrigation. This experiment will capture the plant responses in a real situation of water scarcity. Since field experiments are expected to present high degrees of variation, the same varieties will also be cultivated in greenhouse, in a replicated experiment These experiments will be conducted by Dr. Laurício Endres (Federal University of Alagoas), with whom we cooperate in another project funded by Research and Projects Financing (FINEP) and National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The miRNA expression will be identified using DNA chips containing all known miRNA and also new sugarcane miRNA that will be identified in silico (a second objective of this work). miRNA with interesting expression profiles will be further evaluated by qRT-PCR and in situ hybridization. Target genes will be identified in silico and validated by qRT-PCR. The metabolome of same plants used for miRNA analysis will also be evaluated by Dr. Marcelo E. Loureiro (Federal University of Viçosa), who is part of a joint project founded by Minas Gerais State Agency for Research and Development (FAPEMIG). Afinal objective of this project will be the correlation of the expression profiles of miRNA and their targets with the metabolic changes observed in drought-tolerant and droughtsensitive plants. (AU)

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MÉTODO PARA PRODUÇÃO DE PLANTAS TOLERANTES A ESTRESSES AMBIENTAIS, SEUS USOS E VETOR DE DNA RECOMBINANTE PI1009965-4 - Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) . Marcelo Menossi Teixeira; Kevin Begcy Padilla; Eduardo D. Mariano; Carolina Gimiliani Lembke; Gláucia Mendes Souza - 20 de dezembro de 2010