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Telecontrole e monitoração de sistemas de manufatura - TIDIA


To development of solutions and demonstrations on telecontrol of manufacturing equipment in 3 levels: Level 1 - Process monitoring solutions: Sensor integrated systems will be applied in both partner labs (in São Paulo and São Carlos) so one can virtually follow all activities in the other lab equipment, The software solutions will include real time animation, image and the monitoring of process parameters. Level 2 - CNC Interaction through the Internet. Internet based software will be developed to access the CNC parameters' and make the user able to download programs to the machines in both locations, execute programs and operate the CNC remotely. This will also include feedback with sound and image. Level 3 - Control loop through the internet: Based on studies to identify the network time response, some control actions will be implemented to be performed remotely. Process parameters analysis and machine feedback schemes will be implemented. (AU)

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