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Simvastatin induced cardiac autonomic control improvement in fructose fed female rats


Since autonomic dysfunction has been found to lead to cardiometabolic disorders and studies have reported simvastatin treatment (ST) neuroprotective effects, the objective of the present study was to investigate the effects of ST on cardiovascular and autonomic changes in fructose-fed female rats. METHODS: Female Wistar rats were divided into: controls (C,n=8), fructose (F,n=8) and fructose + simvastatin (FS,n=8). Fructose overload was induced in drinking water (100 mg/L, 18 wks). ST (5mg/kg/day/2wks) was performed by gavage. Arterial pressure (AP) was recorded using a data acquisition system and autonomic control was evaluated by pharmacological blockade. RESULTS: Fructose overload induced an increase in fasting blood glucose and triglycerides and insulin resistance, since the constant rate of glucose disappearance during insulin intolerance test was reduced in the F group (3.4±0.32 %/min) when compared with the C group (4.4±0.29%/min). FS rats presented increased insulin sensitivity (5.4±0.66%/min). The F and FS groups demonstrated an increase in mean AP (F: 124±2 and FS: 126±3 vs. C: 112±2mmHg) as compared to C rats. The sympathetic effect was enhanced in F group (73±7bpm) as compared to C (48±7bpm) and FS groups (31±8bpm); and the vagal effect was increased in FS animals (84±7bpm) in relation to C (49±9bpm) and F animals (46±5bpm). CONCLUSION: Simvastatin treatment improved insulin sensitivity and cardiac autonomic control in an experimental model of MS in females, independent of the classical plasmatic lipid profile improvement or AP reduction, thus reinforcing the hypothesis that statin would reduce cardiometabolic risk in females with MS. (AU)

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DA SILVA, RENATA JULIANA; BERNARDES, NATHALIA; BRITO, JANAINA DE O.; SANCHES, IRIS CALLADO; IRIGOYEN, MARIA CLAUDIA; DE ANGELIS, KATIA. Simvastatin-induced cardiac autonomic control improvement in fructose-fed female rats. Clinics, v. 66, n. 10, p. 1793-1796, 2011. Citações Web of Science: 13.

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