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UK/Brazil research network for an Amazonian Carbon Observatory


The Amazon is one of the largest forest regions in the world and it represents the largest reservoir of above ground organic carbon. Despite its important role for the global carbon cycle, the Amazonian region is only poorly constrained by data integrating processes over large spatial scales. The Amazon is currently the focus of major UK and Brazilian research projects that aim at improving our knowledge of the Amazonian carbon cycle using detailed, but localized aircraft observations and the next logical step is to aim now for more complete and denser coverage by combining in-situ observations with complementary satellite observations of greenhouse gases (GHG). We propose to establish a network of scientists to bridge the.gap between in-situ and remote sensing observations and to develop a combined approach for monitoring of the Amazonian carbon balance to accelerate progress in carbon cycle science. The network will join space-based greenhouse gas observations efforts and community with the ongoing joint UK/Brazilian atmospheric GHG observation program to evaluate the feasibility of remote sensing of greenhouse gas concentrations over the Amazon and to develop confidence in the space-borne measurements by comparing them with highly-accurate concentration measurements that remain the gold standard for carbon cycle science. Once consistency between space-based and in-situ observations is established, space-based data can be used for the purpose of GHG flux monitoring over Amazonia. (AU)

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Amazônia é uma das principais fontes emissoras de metano do mundo 
Amazônia é uma das principais fontes emissoras de metano do mundo 
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