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Desenho organizacional do programa BIOEN: propriedade intelectual, mecanismos de incentivo e avaliação e impactos


The project aims to attend one of the components of the call for the BIOEN Program related to intellectual property and technology transfer. It consists on a multidisciplinary project that articulates economic issues, assets management and social network formation together with scientific and technical components of the researches that are being selected to join the program of studies on Bioenergy. The project's general goal is the formulation of an organizational design that involves the projects of BIOEN considering three basic approaches: a) analysis of the demands due to distinct forms of intellectual property of technologies, supplies and genetic material that can block or create risk situations for the continuity of specific projects or even of the program itself; b) preparatory analysis of business plans based on the construction of economic exploration 'models' of BIOEN research results in different levels, from intermediate products and supplies to final products, as, for example, new improved variety. It also includes the relation between different projects and an incentive system, and scenarios of partnership formation for products development. The models must be built up from the formation of networks that identify patent families, networks of quotations and case studies on intellectual property attribution in vegetal biotechnology, focusing the bio energy field; c) a block of ex-ante impact evaluation that provides subsidies for the formulation of business plans based on the research results. The project strategy consists in establishing a training program with four advanced undergraduate or graduate students and a trainee in computer sciences. Under de supervision of the project, they have to prepare training material and the collect subsidies from the Workshops to perform multicriteria analysis and generate scenarios in the three main areas of the project. About ten Workshops are programmed for the 4 years project schedule, half of them with BIOEN project participants (scientists, technicians and managers) and 5 with external researchers and BIOEN staff looking forward building scenarios of property rights and evaluation of impacts. (AU)

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