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Jê landscapes of Southern Brazil


The study of the economic, social and ideological roles associated with the arrival of burial monuments and the creation of sacred built landscapes is a core theme in researching Early Formative societies of the Americas. The Southern Jê of Brazil provide an exceptional opportunity to understand the synergy of ecology, history and power in the creation and transformation of landscapes in the turn of the second millennium AD, a period marked by cultural transitions reflected in a major increase in habitation sites, arrival of mortuary/ceremonial architecture, development of anthropogenic soils, and the appearance of Je funerary patterns. These changes are broadly contemporaneous with the abrupt expansion of Araucaria forest (Paraná pine) within -100 years, which raises the possibility of an anthropogenic cause. To address these important issues, the Jê Landscapes of Southern Brazil Project has been conceived by an international, interdisciplinary team at Exeter, Reading and São Paulo Universities integrating archaeological, ethnographical and palaeoecological data to investigate the creation and transformation of Southern Jê landscapes in relation to the emergence of social complexity. The project will integrate all archaeological data from the vast and ecologically diverse landscapes into a comprehensive multilayered GIS database. In selected regions we will conduct more intensive archaeological, topographical and geophysical surveys, along with excavations at selected sites. (AU)

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CORTELETTI, RAFAEL; SOARES, MANOELLA SOUZA; LABRADOR, BRUNO; DEBLASIS, PAULO. Southern Je engravings at Morro do Avencal: Preliminary archaeometrical analysis and interpretation of a rock shelter in Southern Brazil. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE-REPORTS, v. 35, . (14/07754-3, 12/51328-3)

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