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Perpetration of intimate partner violence by males in substance abuse treatment: a cross-cultural research learning alliance


The aim of this research project is to quantitatively and qualitatively examine and compare the prevalence and cultural construction of intimate partner violence (IPV) (i.e. physical, sexual or psychological abuse or controlling behaviour perpetration by males in substance abuse treatment in London and São Paulo against their current or ex female partner/wife). The findings will inform cultural theory of IPV perpetration and substance abuse, and a theory based IPV assessment instrument for men in substance abuse treatment. In addition, current strategies, protocols and care pathways for male substance abusing IPV perpetrators in both London and São Paulo will be reviewed, and key stakeholders will be interviewed to identify the barriers and facilitators to working with this client group. The research will inform the development of an evidence and theory based cross-cultural Capacity Framework for working effectively with male IPV perpetrators in substance abuse treatment. An International Learning Alliance will be established at lhe initialion of the project; to strengthen and support the exchange and dissemination of information and best practice and will determine how alcohol and drug services can best respond to IPV perpetralion by male cíients in England, Brazil, Spain and the U.S. Local Learning Alliances networks will be established in London and São Paulo to enhance translation of findings to policy and practice. (AU)

Publicações científicas
(Referências obtidas automaticamente do Web of Science e do SciELO, por meio da informação sobre o financiamento pela FAPESP e o número do processo correspondente, incluída na publicação pelos autores)
CANFIELD, MARTHA; RADCLIFFE, POLLY; D'OLIVEIRA, ANA FLAVIA PIRES LUCAS; GILCHRIST, GAIL. Factors associated with the severity of IPV perpetrated by substance using men towards current partner. ADVANCES IN DUAL DIAGNOSIS, v. 13, n. 1, SI, p. 32-45, NOV 8 2019. Citações Web of Science: 0.
GILCHRIST, GAIL; CANFIELD, MARTHA; RADCLIFFE, POLLY; PIRES LUCAS D'OLIVEIRA, ANA FLAVIA. Controlling behaviours and technology-facilitated abuse perpetrated by men receiving substance use treatment in England and Brazil: Prevalence and risk factors. DRUG AND ALCOHOL REVIEW, v. 36, n. 1, p. 52-63, JAN 2017. Citações Web of Science: 1.
GILCHRIST, GAIL; RADCLIFFE, POLLY; NOTO, ANA REGINA; PIRES LUCAS D'OLIVEIRA, ANA FLAVIA. The prevalence and factors associated with ever perpetrating intimate partner violence by men receiving substance use treatment in Brazil and England: A cross-cultural comparison. DRUG AND ALCOHOL REVIEW, v. 36, n. 1, p. 34-51, JAN 2017. Citações Web of Science: 7.

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