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DUNE Workshop


The neutrino program based at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is aggregating an important international community of experimental and theoretical physicists. The flagship project of the program is the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), a long baseline experiment, which will assess some of the most important open questions of neutrino physics such as CP-violation and the hierarchy of neutrino masses. The huge active mass of the far detector will also allow to develop a rich program of non accelerator physics, that includes the search for proton decay, the detection of supernova neutrinos and of atmospheric neutrinos. A short baseline program is being carried on in parallel to the long baseline one and will give a definitive proof of the existence or not of a fourth generation, sterile, neutrino.The workshop will focus on the actual status of the Fermilab neutrino program with emphasis on the DUNE, protoDUNE, SBND (Short Baseline Neutrino Detector) and LArIAT (Liquid Argon in a Test Beam) experiments and on the short and long term developments. It will be widely discussed the involvement of the Sao Paulo and Brazilian groups and the wide range of possibilities for new groups willing to join the program. In particular it will be shown that some contributions to the Fermilab neutrino program are under development by Brazilian groups. From the theoretical point of view the DUNE and SBND potential to probe extra-dimensions, violation of Lorentz symmetry, proton decay are some examples of investigation. From the experimental side, Brazilian groups are actively participating to the design and construction of the DUNE, prtoDUNE and SBND experiment, to the data taking and analysis of the LArIAT and are leading the effort of developing a new system for Liquid Argon scintillation light detection, which is known as ARAPUCA, for a possible application in the DUNE far detector. (AU)

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