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Jean Claude Moubarac

CV Lattes

Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Faculdade de Saúde Pública (FSP)  (Instituição-sede da última proposta de pesquisa)
País de origem: Canadá

I have a bachelor and a master in anthropology, and a PhD in public health. I am currently in my third year as a post-doctoral research fellow in public health and nutrition. I accumulated 10 years of experience in research and practice related in public health, with 6 years in the area of obesity and chronic diseases. I privileged an interdisciplinary approach and my research interests are connected to food and health and include: behavioral and sociocultural determinants of food consumption, food experiences amongst migrants, macro-determinants of food systems including food corporations, and the relationships between food processing, quality of diets and health. I have published two conceptual papers on the issues of race and ethnicity in public health and epidemiology. I now coordinate an international research project that aims at examining the role of cooking and of industrial food processing on the quality of diets and obesity. I have expertise in mixed methods, analysis of food expenditures and dietary surveys. I am involved in a project with colleagues and the FAO on the development of guidelines to conduct analysis of diets in terms of the extent and purpose of industrial food processing. I am also involved with colleagues in food policy and the development of new evidence-based dietary guidelines. My research projects now involve collaboration with researchers at the Institute for Global Food Security at McGill University, the department of Nutrition at Université de Montréal, and the University of São Paulo in Brazil. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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MOUBARAC, JEAN-CLAUDE; BORTOLETTO MARTINS, ANA PAULA; CLARO, RAFAEL MOREIRA; LEVY, RENATA BERTAZZI; CANNON, GEOFFREY; MONTEIRO, CARLOS AUGUSTO. Consumption of ultra-processed foods and likely impact on human health. Evidence from Canada. PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION, v. 16, n. 12, p. 2240-2248, . Citações Web of Science: 126. (11/08425-5, 10/08421-7)

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