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Ricardo Tenreiro Estiveira de Ataide

CV Lattes

Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas (ICB)  (Instituição-sede da última proposta de pesquisa)
País de origem: Portugal

I believe one of my defining characteristics to be the ability to take on new challenges and see them through. My keen interest in the study of malaria has provided me with a wide range of experiences acquired in several geographical settings. I have acquired, (and aim to continue doing so), knowledge not only on the clinical impact of malaria but also on its social and economical impact. After completing my university degree in Biotechnology engineering with a final year project on mouse models of cerebral malaria, I accepted a position in Luanda, Angola as project manager and laboratory work supervisor at an NGO-owned HIV/Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) volunteer counseling and treatment clinic. Working in the Angolan capital, and having to manage a clinic and lead a team of nurses, lab technicians and doctors in such a setting (including learning all the medical procedures involved in the diagnosis of several STI) proved to be a very valuable experience. During this time I had daily contact with malaria patients that were being treated at the same hospital, strengthening an interest in the disease. I have since travelled extensively through malaria endemic areas (both in Central America and in Africa) and have witnessed the effects of this disease in various populations. Once I had my mind set on pursuing my PhD I knew that I wanted to work with human malaria. Previous work experience with mice models of cerebral malaria had provided me with a background of basic immunology and the setting-up of an infected-mosquitoes breeding facility (this done at Dr Maria Mota s lab in Portugal) gave me a broad view of the parasite, its life cycle and its basic biology. My PhD research, conducted under Prof Stephen Rogerson in Melbourne, provided me with the opportunity to go to Malawi (where I was able to help in autopsy studies of cerebral malaria) and allowed me to help address the important problem of Malaria in Pregnancy and modulation of maternal antibody responses by HIV. During my PhD I also forged collaborations that allowed me to embark on my first Postdoctoral position in Prof Alex Rowe s lab where I worked and learned about yet another aspect of this fascinating organism: rosetting parasites. Currently I am in Brazil, working with Prof Cláudio Marinho conducting field research to determine the effects of vivax malaria during pregnancy. I am convinced that the knowledge and the collaborations I have been gathering will prove invaluable for my future career and that now is the time to cement the preparation for an independent position. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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