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Esther Sebastián González

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Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Biociências (IB)  (Instituição-sede da última proposta de pesquisa)
País de origem: Espanha

My multidisciplinary research has broadly covered the areas of ecology, zoology, conservation biology, macroecology and ornithology from different perspectives by using diverse analytical techniques and study systems worldwide. I have 32 SCI scientific articles in journals such as Global Ecol. Biogeogr. (IF: 5.84; ranked 1st among 49 journals in 'Geography') or Ecology (IF: 4.81). I am the first author in 21 (65%) of them and the single author of one article published in J. Animal Ecol. (IF: 4.47). 19 of my SCI articles are in journals ranked within the first quartile of their areas. The average impact factor of my SCI papers is 2.72, and they accumulate over 350 citations. My H-index is 10. I am also the author of 6 book chapters and 5 popular publications. I have presented 29 works in scientific conferences (11 of them international). I was awarded wit the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. I have been working for 6 years as a postdoctoral research associate: 2yr in the São Paulo University (ranked #2 in Latin America), 1yr at Stanford University (ranked #2 QS world ranking), 2yr University of Hawaii and 1 yr Universidad Miguel Hernandez (Juan de la Cierva). I have supervised 2 master theses (UMH), 3 final degree projects (UMH), one introduction to research project (USP) and I am a member of a masters thesis committees (UH). I have also been a research mentor for two undergrads in a Field Course in Costa Rica (NAPIRE-OTS). I have been invited as a speaker or collaborated in several classes in either undergrads or master level (UMH, Curso campo Amazonia-INPE) and I have also been responsible for two classes in Spain (UMH) and USA (UH). I am a regular reviewer (+50 ms) for 43 peer-review journals in Ecology, Conservation Biology, Zoology and Ornithology (e.g. PNAS, Biol Conserv, J Appl Ecol, J Animal Ecol, Ecography). I have been invited to 2 PhD thesis tribunals. I have participated in 17 research projects, being the principal researcher 5 times. Currently, I have a wide network of collaborations in Spain (EBD-CSIC, UGR, UPO), but also in other countries (USA: Stanford Univ., Univ. of Hawai?i, CUNY; Brazil: Univ. of São Paulo, Federal Univ. of São Paulo, Univ. Estadual Maringá; Argentina: CONICET; Poland: Polish Acad. Sci.) in different projects. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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Dados do Web of Science

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SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; GREEN, ANDY J.. Reduction of avian diversity in created versus natural and restored wetlands. ECOGRAPHY, v. 39, n. 12, p. 1176-1184, . Citações Web of Science: 12. (11/17968-2)


PEREZ-GARCIA, JUAN M.; SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; BOTELLA, FRANCISCO; SANCHEZ-ZAPATA, JOSE A.. Selecting indicator species of infrastructure impacts using network analysis and biological traits: Bird electrocution and power lines. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, v. 60, p. 428-433, . Citações Web of Science: 10. (13/02819-7)

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SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; BOTELLA, FRANCISCO; OVASKAINEN, OTSO; DELGADO, ANTONIO; SANCHEZ-ZAPATA, JOSE ANTONIO. Artificial irrigation ponds and sea coast as foraging habitat for larids breeding in protected wetlands. MARINE AND FRESHWATER RESEARCH, v. 66, n. 9, p. 831-840, . Citações Web of Science: 0. (11/17968-2)

PEREZ-GARCIA, JUAN MANUEL; SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; ALEXANDER, KAREN LUISA; SANCHEZ-ZAPATA, JOSE ANTONIO; BOTELLA, FRANCISCO. Effect of landscape configuration and habitat quality on the community structure of waterbirds using a man-made habitat. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE RESEARCH, v. 60, n. 6, p. 875-883, . Citações Web of Science: 9. (13/02819-7)

SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; GREEN, ANDY J.. Habitat Use by Waterbirds in Relation to Pond Size, Water Depth, and Isolation: Lessons from a Restoration in Southern Spain. RESTORATION ECOLOGY, v. 22, n. 3, p. 311-318, . Citações Web of Science: 26. (13/02819-7, 11/17968-2)

SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; PIRES, MATHIAS M.; DONATTI, CAMILA I.; GUIMARAES, JR., PAULO R.; DIRZO, RODOLFO. Species traits and interaction rules shape a species-rich seed-dispersal interaction network. ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, v. 7, n. 12, p. 4496-4506, . Citações Web of Science: 2. (09/54567-6, 13/02819-7)

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SEBASTIAN-GONZALEZ, ESTHER; ANTONIO SANCHEZ-ZAPATA, JOSE; ANTONIO DONAZAR, JOSE; SELVA, NURIA; CORTES-AVIZANDA, AINARA; HIRALDO, FERNANDO; BLAZQUEZ, MIGUEL; BOTELLA, FRANCISCO; MOLEON, MARCOS. Interactive effects of obligate scavengers and scavenger community richness on lagomorph carcass consumption patterns. IBIS, v. 155, n. 4, p. 881-885, . Citações Web of Science: 14. (11/17968-2)

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