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Luciene Cristina Alves Rinaldi

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Fundação de Ensino Eurípedes Soares Rocha (FEESR). Centro Universitário Eurípedes Soares Rocha  (Instituição-sede da última proposta de pesquisa)
País de origem: Brasil

Luciene has a Post-Doctorate from Unicamp, Campinas, SP (Computing Institute in Campinas), (Funcamp Scholarship ? LG Project), advised by Prof. Dr. Anderson Rocha in the area of Image Processing, Image Processing, object recognition and Machine Learning (2015 ? 2016). She has a Doctorate in Science from Polytechnic School of USP, São Paulo, SP (University of São Paulo in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Digital Systems), (Fusp Scholarship ? Continental Project and CNPq Scholarship), advised by Prof. Dr. Marcio Lobo Neto in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Machine Learning, Digital games and Cognitive Science (2009 - 2014). She has a Master?s degree in Computer Science from Univem, Marília, SP (University Center Eurípides of Marília), (CAPES Scholarship), advised by Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sementille in the area of Virtual Reality and Distributed Systems (2002 - 2004). She is a Specialist in MBA in Business Management from Univem, Marília, SP (University Center Eurípides of Marília) (2001 - 2003). She is a Specialist in Advanced Computing from Univem, Marília, SP (University Center Eurípides of Marília) (2000 - 2001). She Graduated in Data Processing at the Unimar, Marília, SP (University of Marilia) (1996 - 1998). She is also a Data Processing Technician by ETEC, Garça, SP (Fundação Paula Souza) (1992 - 1995). She worked as a coordinator of Final Term Projects (FTP) in the course of Information System (IS) at Unifieo (University Center Fieo) , Osasco, SP (2012 - 2015). She advised students to write their FTPs (Unifieo) in the IS and SI (Scientifc Initiation) (with scholarships) , Computer Science (USC, Bauru, SP) and Business Administration (USC) courses. She taught in undergraduation courses the disciplines of Programming Language (Java, C, C++, Delphi, Python), Algoritms (Java, C, C++, Pascal, Python), Programming Tecniques, Information System, Introducion to Computing, Database, Advanced Topics in Software Development, Data Structure, Web Programming, 3D Modeling, embedded computing (IoT), mobile, Systems Projects and FTP, Object-oriented programming, Software Engineering, among others. She taught in graduation courses the discipline of Virtual Learning Environments (USC, 2004 - 2005) and several University Extension Courses in Java Systems Development with MySQL Database using JDBC driver. She taught Mobile Computing and Algorithms (Python) and she advises students in SI (with scholarships) courses in Computer Science (University Center FEI, São Bernardo do Campo, SP) in the area IoT (Internet of Things). she also teaches at UX, AI Designer postgraduate courses at Impacta. She has published works (books, chapters, journal, tutorials, full papers and short papers in National and International Congresses and Symposiums) in the area of Virtual Reality, Distributed System, Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence, IoT. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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