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Marzieh Kadivar


País de origem: Irã

I have a bachelor and master degree in civil engineering and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. I started my professional works as a project manager in a private company name SEPCO in Iran. During my bachelor and master studies, I managed a number of research projects and as a member of a team, we developed Nano-Technology-based patents, which helped me getting the membership of Iran?s National Elites Foundation (INEF). In 2009 this Institute invited me to work there as an expert and investigator of people?s patents and their potential to be used in industry. In that career, I was in charge of helping inventors to open their own companies. Three years working for this organization, I could help several knowledge-based companies to establish their own business. Finding out about bamboo and understanding it?s potential to be well suited material for construction, I moved to Brazil in 2017, starting my PhD studies at the USP, working on the development of bamboo-based products for construction. I started my bamboo research works under the supervision of professor Holmer Savastano and Professor Khosrow Ghavami, who are among the pioneer researchers about bamboo. The title of PhD dissertation, which I defended in December 2020, was ?Development of high-performance bamboo based materials through densification process?. Parallel to my PhD studies, I started a social project, based on bamboo, in 2019 in Brazil, aiming at economically helping low-income local people. I am the coordinator of this project, for which we have organized several courses related to bamboo for the public. This is a two years project, financed by the USP. The outcomes of this social project greatly motivated me to establish BamBuild, which will eventually involve directly and indirectly a large number of people. I did establish BamBuild in October 2020, with financial support of FAPESP through a PIPE project, devoting to make the company great in the international scale. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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