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Vortex lattices in binary Bose-Einstein condensates with dipole-dipole interactions

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Kumar, Ramavarmaraja Kishor [1] ; Tomio, Lauro [2, 3] ; Malomed, Boris A. [4, 5] ; Gammal, Arnaldo [1]
Número total de Autores: 4
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[1] Univ Sao Paulo, Inst Fis, BR-05508090 Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil
[2] DCTA, Inst Tecnol Aeronaut, BR-12228900 Sao Jose Dos Campos, SP - Brazil
[3] Univ Estadual Paulista, Inst Fis Teor, BR-01156970 Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil
[4] ITMO Univ, St Petersburg 197101 - Russia
[5] Tel Aviv Univ, Sch Elect Engn, Fac Engn, Dept Phys Elect, IL-69978 Tel Aviv - Israel
Número total de Afiliações: 5
Tipo de documento: Artigo Científico
Fonte: Physical Review A; v. 96, n. 6 DEC 29 2017.
Citações Web of Science: 9

We study the structure and stability of vortex lattices in two-component rotating Bose-Einstein condensates with intrinsic dipole-dipole interactions and contact interactions. To address experimentally accessible coupled systems, we consider Dy-164-Dy-162 and Er-168-Dy-164 mixtures, which feature different miscibilities. The corresponding dipole moments are mu(Dy) = 10 mu(B) and mu(Er) = 7 mu(B), where mu(B) is the Bohr magneton. For comparison we also discuss a case where one of the species is nondipolar. Under a large aspect ratio of the trap, we consider mixtures in the pancake-shaped format, which are modeled by effective two-dimensional coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations, with a fixed polarization of the magnetic dipoles. Then, the miscibility and vortex-lattice structures are studied by varying the coefficients of the contact interactions (assuming the use of the Feshbach-resonance mechanism) and the rotation frequency. We present phase diagrams for several types of lattices in the parameter plane of the rotation frequency and the ratio of inter-and intraspecies scattering lengths. The vortex structures are found to be diverse for the more miscible Dy-164-Dy-162 composition, with a variety of shapes, whereas for the less miscible case of Er-168-Dy-164, the lattice patterns mainly feature circular or square formats. (AU)

Processo FAPESP: 14/01668-8 - Excitações de Condensados de Bose-Einstein com interação dipolar
Beneficiário:Kishor Kumar Ramavarmaraja
Linha de fomento: Bolsas no Brasil - Pós-Doutorado